WASILLA — Alaska State Troopers have released the names of five of their own who shot and killed a woman in Wasilla over the weekend.

The troopers who fired on Nora J. York, 58, are:

• Trooper Daron Cooper

• Trooper Timothy Cronin

• Trooper Ronald Hayes

• Trooper recruit Lance Jamison-Ewers,

• Trooper Joshua Varys

Troopers say the other officers on scene that day either did not use deadly force or used only tasers, which they said in a previous press statement were unsuccessfully deployed three times on York.

York was pronounced dead on scene having received multiple gunshot wounds. One trooper was injured in the incident with what appeared to be a gunshot wound, but was treated and released the same day.

The incident happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning when troopers were called to what they were told was possibly a suicide attempt just off of Wasilla-Fishhook Road on Atka Drive. Seven troopers responded because the incident happened to take place at shift change.

Troopers say the whole thing began when a man in a wheelchair called 911 to say York had pointed a shotgun at him and threatened to shoot him. York was heard in the background of the call and may have used the phrase “suicide by cop.”

With troopers on scene, York exited the home, still holding the shotgun, but also armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

Troopers say they asked her to put the guns down but she didn’t comply and wound up pointing the shotgun at them, at which point she was shot.

Department policy calls for three days’ leave for any trooper who uses deadly force. Those three days were due to expire earlier this week.

Policy also calls for an investigation, in this case conducted by the Alaska Bureau of Investigation, which is handled just as any shooting death is with the evidence gathered handed over to the state’s Office of Special Prosecutions and appeals for review.

The last officer-involved shooting was in early February when troopers shot and killed Debra L. Torrey, 38, of Wasilla, who was armed and threatening her therapist at a doctor’s office on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Two troopers — Alfred “Skip” Chadwell and Kevin S. Blanchette — fired on Torrey, killing her on scene.

The investigation into that shooting took about a month to wrap up and ended in March with both troopers cleared of any misconduct.

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When was the last time the Troopers shot and killed an armed man?


Something fishy wrote on Nov 20, 2009 3:48 PM:" I'd like to know if she actually pulled the trigger or did a bunch of trigger happy cops execute her?So, A Cop can't shoot unless he's shot at first? What would you do if someone points a gun at you, take a bullet first? You ought to move here to Cape Cod, you'd fit in perfect FISHY!


Actually to portray this incident even more accurately it should read "Troopers Who Protected Themselves From a Crazed Man Dressed as a Lady"


there are always critics like you who make me sick. put yourself in thier shoes. these troopers have families at home. I know one of them personally and I know he would not take these actions unless there was no other option. I am curious why the tazers did not work. maybe she was wearing a thick winter jacket and they could not penetrate to skin? and was the trooper with the wound from the woman or from another trooper? Im thankful none of these men were seriously hurt. good job guys.


I'd like to know if she actually pulled the trigger or did a bunch of trigger happy cops execute her? For some reason things don't add up, she was tazered three times and didn't shoot back after the second time? You got three cops with three tazers trying to take down a drunk with a shotgun at close range, think about it.


"Shot and Killed"sounds like a mob did this. How about "Troopers Who Protected Themselves From a Crazed Lady"?..that would protray a more accurate image.


I am grateful to have men and women in our community willing to walk into emotionally charged situations and do whatever it takes to protect the innocent even if it means living with a fateful decision forever. These five, fine men did not kill a suicidal "woman". They stopped the dangerous actions of a tragically troubled man. A little accuracy in reporting would go a long way toward honoring the efforts of those who shield the rest of us.

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