To the editor:

While discussing the joke called politics recently, my good friend said to me that this reality is ready to crack wide open. When I read the article “Exxon makes plans to drill near atomic waste dump in Arctic,” it seemed like the corporations and money mongers were cracking this egg called earth. I believe everything starts in the north, and the north has never been conquered. But Exxon and Russian partner Rosneft have sidestepped environmental groups to drill for crude where Soviet ships dumped worn-out reactors and 17,000 containers of radioactive waste.

I stand up for peoples’ rights whenever I can, but sometimes it feels like those who care for the earth just can’t beat the giant called “Greed.”

My friend suggested that we stay in our center because we’re all in for a wild ride. If we haven’t dealt with those issues called our dark side, they’ll rise like a flood to sweep us away.

Let’s be strong and stand in our power like our ancestors knew we would. I can sense they are cheering our courage from wherever they are.

Patricia Wade


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Read the book Collapse (author Jared Diamond) and you'll get an even more global picture of how greed is destroying our planet. At the rate we are destroying this planet, it may not be habitable -- without some very drastic changes in population growth and our current exploitation of natural resources -- by the time our great grand-children are our age. Most people, most who only live in the "Now", are ignoring (intentionally or ignorantly) the fact that we can not sustain this planet if we stay on our current path.
Greed inevitably harms someone and is a sin for a reason...

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