To the editor:

Thank you for your recent coverage of the unexpected flooding that resulted in the rescue of the residents off of Lucille Street. last week. We hope that there might be a follow-up story to bring to light just how bad the situation was and continues to be. All of the five homes in the area suffered significant damage and water levels were as high as 6 feet in some areas.

Due to the location, none of the homeowners ever thought twice about not having flood insurance. So now all the repairs and loss of property must be paid by the homeowners themselves. One homeowner who lives out of state and rents her home has decided not to clean up the flood damage and that house is already beyond repair.

Another young family had to gut their entire house from the crawl space to 3 1/2 feet up the interior walls. They are now facing losses and recovery costs well over $40,000. With only one working parent and three small children and winter closing in, this seems like an impossible situation to overcome.

My wife and I are doing what we can to get the word out so that they can get some help with rebuilding their home. We have had some success with getting donations but we need a lot more help.

We have set-up an account with Wells Fargo for the family and are asking those that are able, please help with a donation. I am hoping that your publication will help with this endeavor and spread the word in your paper. Please feel free to contact me anytime and I can give you more details and answer any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Chris Daw


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Yes, a well known drainage point. These poor victims need to see who knew about this when the subdivision was created. The house builders were dupped as well. Borough staff tells me that there was an ordinance that was just repealed that would keep this same kid of thing from happening to other unsuspecting purchasers. Who on the Assembly or in the Mayors office or on Borough staff had the bright idea to repeal an ordinance that would have provided protection to innocent homeowners? Why do we keep repeating the mistakes of the past?


how does a person contact you we would like to help but there is no phone number or contact method. we would help with building materials but the borough took care of that for us. Please feel free to contact lighthouse chapel at 373-5866

That area is a well known drainage point. The contractor who built the houses there should pay for the whole mess . They created the mess, let them pay for it. Contractor did not do his homework prior to building on that site.

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