To the editor:

The passage of Proposition 3 means more freedom for me. It means that I 
will now have the freedom to go into any business in Palmer and breathe smoke-free air. This is a freedom I have always craved. I remember when there was hardly any public place that I might enjoy going to that was smoke-free. Times have changed, and for the better!

I have been in the Palmer area for 36 years. In that time I have gone to only one of the “smoking bars” on just two occasions. On Jan. 2, 2013, when the ban takes effect, I’m going to visit one of those three newly smoke-free bars and buy a drink, and hopefully they will have those hard-boiled eggs that I love.

The next day, I’m going to one of the others and on the third day, I will hit the remaining bar. I understand that 400 voters supported Prop. 3. I hope each
 one of you will do the same. This has not been easy for these bars. Let’s give them some positive reinforcement.

Hey, if you don’t drink alcohol, have a soda pop.

Tim Johnson


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Matsu Watchdog

and don't forget Taco Tuesdays

Shouldn't have a problem finding a seat.

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