JBER's Arctic Warriors honed skills and experience in Multi-Domain Operations

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During Phase II employment of deployed forces, JBER’s Arctic Warriors honed skills and experience in Multi-Domain Operations.

Camp Mad Bull is our training/exercise ‘deployed encampment’ where we are refining our contingency tactics, techniques and procedures in support of Pacific Air Force’s Agile Combat Employment concept of operations. Agile Combat Support excellence yields multi-domain operations success.

“This week’s training at Camp Mad Bull brought unprecedented realism for Polar Force. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into building up Mad Bull, and our Airmen demonstrated its capacity as a premier training platform this week. I’m extremely proud of our team’s efforts and the results they achieved,” said Col. Patricia Csànk, 673 Air Base Wing commander. “My vision is to make JBER the regional training site for agile combat support proficient training, and Polar Force 20-1 has proved a critical milestone in bringing this to fruition.”

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