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This is the sweetest time of year.  Everybody knows this because our light is omnipresent.  And our scenery is superior. Everyone is doing everything with passion and energy whether it is rock collecting on the river bank, music inside and outside, baseball, soccer, hiking any one of 50 fine trails nearby, fishing, road tripping, biking or weeding the gardens.  It is a perfect time of year and we earn it

Nature outside and inside—So anywhere you go, Nature is in your face, and it is glorious.  But Nature is also inside at the large community art show at the Palmer Downtown Deli.  Nature and Palmer Pride are the season’s themes of this local art and photography show running until the end of July.  Here is a list of most of the local artists participating in the show:

Nathan Lashlee does some remarkably detailed paintings.  He has studied art at UAA in addition to years of private practice.  This is his first group showing.

More inside

Linda Peters creates delicate and strong flower and bird paintings.  All are framed beautifully. Linda shows locally. She is a former Nurse and current advocate for St. Michaels and her love. passion and compassion shows up in her paintings.

Judy Vars is well known for her tactile encaustic oil paintings.  In this show she has some amazing pieces depicting both three dimensional trees and mushrooms.  She is known for her eclectic pieces and interesting art.

Kelly Doherty Leonard is another local artist showing for the first time.  She does blazing acrylic flowers and landscapes. Her colors sing and announce a strong anthem of Summer.  

Barbara Johnson is sharing more of her beautiful watercolors which depict her daily appreciation for nature and Alaska.  All of her pieces are dedicated to the spirit of her daughter Erin, who passed last year. All money from her pieces  go to the Erin Johnson Foundation.

Diane Paoletti is a beautiful oil painter.  She has a local studio, The Art of Oil. You will see some of her amazing portraitures and nature in this season’s show.  

Nancy Angelini has an outstanding and large piece in the show featuring layered clouds and lights.  Nancy travels frequently and incorporates her painting with her journeys.

Barbara Hunt (that’s me!) also has a few paintings in this show.  The large Palmer Pride piece with rainbow backdrop was created especially for this show. It celebrates Palmer’s pride at many levels.

Palmer Renaissance—On the last Sunday of every month, The Palmer Downtown Deli engages in the Palmer Renaissance.  Local Painters show up with their easels and materials. A local model arrives, ready to sit for many hours.  Sometimes there is live music. Or knitters. Or book readers. Or writers. From 12-5 or so, the Palmer Downtown Deli is an oasis of art, in any form at all.   This coming weekend features Palmer’s Mr. Bill Tull as the live model.  Don’t worry, everyone keeps their clothes on because this is a family restaurant.

Palmer Models—Thus far this year Palmer’s wonderful models have been Margaret Adsit, Emily Gelino Bequette, Mark Anthony Evans and Sabrena Combs.  Their portraits and studies may or may not be recognizable on the wall above the fireplace at the Palmer Downtown Deli.  Bear in mind that many of these are incomplete but lovely nonetheless. It is a patient, almost prayerful, activity—the painting, the modeling, the photographing and the watching.  

Some of the dedicated portrait painters are Judy Vars, Maria McKiernan, Rod Rongstad, Nathan Lashlee, Mabel Wimmer, Susan Sinclair, Susan Mayer, Melissa Eymann, and Myrna Ukulele.

Thanks to proprietor Kevin Brown, owner of the Palmer Downtown Deli, for encouraging and sponsoring the arts, creativity and love in our Palmer town.

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