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Who Let the Girls Out? —This weekend is a yearly celebration of spring in the City of Palmer. Nearly every single shop and business is participating. It is a big, fat, jolly, community thing. It’s impossible to explain all the events. But here’s a taste and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS this weekend’s “Who Let The Girls Out” community party!!

Palmer will be one big Quilt Show this weekend.

  • WLTGO Run/Walk at 6pm on Friday
  • Saturday Dance at the Palmer Train Depot with the Yachtly Crew from 7-11
  • Talent Show is Saturday from 5-7 at the Caboose Lounge
  • Fashion Show is Friday Night at Klondike Mikes
  • Wine Tasting, Antiques, Curiosities, Alpacas and Wearable Art
  • Horse drawn Carriage Rides up and down Main Street
  • Palmer Passport takes you to all the places and prizes
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt and BFF Glamour Shots
  • Music at the Inn Cafe, Fireside Books and Palmer Family Medicine
  • Scottish Highland Lassies and Self Defense at Madd Matters along with leather painting class
  • Rock Painting at the Downtown Deli Mall
  • Shopping and specials at all the best Main Street shops
  • Tour of the Town bike riding adventures and bike parade
  • Art classes all day long at the new Art Cafe and Artists Uncorked
  • Community mapping and interest surveys at the Downtown Deli Mall

“Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Son”—Theres a lot of buzz about the Old Fred Meyer’s eventual evolution. Everyone wants it to be something else but no one has the money to pay for it. At first it was supposed to be a U-Haul storage facility. Now it has designs as a gun manufacturing facility and indoor shooting range. And the rumors swirl aloft and waft around.

It may all end at the Palmer city council table on Tuesday night. The proposed gun range and manufacturing facility location is within city limits and subject to local zoning restrictions; however, these restrictions don’t preclude an indoor shooting range. Next door is the Palmer Post Office, a bank, two large day care centers, office buildings, new little Cobb St. shop, small park, and lots of residential homes. Palmer works well because of planning and zoning. People like the town because it is well laid out. Even the most obstinate of anti-zoning types agree Palmer is a nice place to walk and shop; and clearly the city design didn’t happen by accident. It’s up to the City Council members and the Mayor to determine how they want Palmer to look and feel in the future.

Masterpiece Machatanz—It’s hard to imagine how we are so fortunate. Mat Su College, over on Trunk Road, has an unbelievably beautiful theater. And PBS’s Masterpiece Theater is offering free premiere film showings weekly in this lovely theater. The sound system is perfect, the screen is enormous, the seats are cushy and the viewing is exceptional. Anyone who has seen our local theater or events already know this is true with the college theater. However, these film premieres are just outstanding and the icing on a delicious cake.

It is just unbelievable that we have the opportunity to watch the free premieres of Masterpiece theater in the Machatanz theater. Then, after you leave the College theater, you get to see your own personal masterpiece theater of our Palmer panorama, as you drive home.

Palmer Major Indicators of Spring—We have three certainties: cows, chicks and convertibles.

The Cow is Back and she arrived at 11:05 on Thursday. Country Cuts has the “cowch” on the corner, named Paula Moochel (after Paul Mitchel hair products.) She is a beautiful bovine in every respect. Come and sit on her. Come take a selfie with her. Come meditate on her moo-ness. She has been inside all winter and is ready for a full and frisky summer season.

Standing in line at the Palmer Post Office you can kinda hear the baby chicks peeping in the back room. Large pallets of tiny chicks arrive and are picked up with care by their new owners. The babies are a absolute indicator of spring.

Driving anywhere on a nice day will yield a sighting of a happy driver in an open-top vehicle. And they look happy. Turning on the tunes and driving with the top down is way up there on the joyful scale.

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