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WASILLA — High school students from across the Mat-Su Valley are invited once again to forget about school rivalries and dance together under the same roof during the annual All Valley High School Dance on Friday from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Menard Sports Center.

“It’s a great way to meet kinds in the community. Because, you’re going to see them on the baseball fields, in hockey, in the arena… I don’t want them to always think it’s school rivalries… We’re just looking for a fun event for our kiddos,” Joan Klapperich, Wasilla Recreation Services Director, said.

This event is put on by the city of Wasilla and its cosponsor G&G Sound and Light. It’s designed to be a safe, clean and inclusive party with summer wrapping up and another school year around the corner.

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Klapperich said that it’s a well supervised event. No adults are allowed unless they’re a parent-chaperone or security. She said that the Wasilla Police Department will have officers will be on standby and patrolling the parking lot.

“No adults. If you’re not in school, you’re not coming,” Klapperich said.

Former US Marine Platoon Sergeant Justin Giles runs G&G Sound and Light. He said that in addition to parent chaperones, there will be several of his veteran friends with security shirts ensuring everyone’s safety.

Students must bring their school identification or proof of registration to enter. Homeschoolers without school identification can attend with their regular identification, according to Giles. He wants this event to be a safe alternative to local teenagers’ weekend plans.

“My wife and I, we have six kids between us and four are teens and we see the kind of trouble kids can get into when they’ve got nothing else to do on Friday night,” Giles said.

This event is four hours of nonstop music with a special light show. Giles said that he’s been gearing up the music library, screening requests and finding clean versions of any songs with explicit lyrics and/or suggestive themes. He said the goal is to remain fun while wholesome, a unique undertaking for modern teenager’s taste.

“That’s the challenge with this age, the kids like the rap music…” Giles said.

There will be clean hip hop and club mixes playing during the event.

Admission is $15. Freshman to seniors up to 18 are allowed with identification. There is no reentry. Proper dress attire is required. For more information, contact the Menard Center at 907-357-9100.

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