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Hi, my name is Jacob Mann. I cover the Art Beat for the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.

Stories start in many different ways. This one is going to be short and sweet.

I think it’s safe to say that art is often one of the first components of education that’s first on the “chopping block” when it comes to budget cuts, and all too often is swept under the rug by more prominent campaigns across the nation favoring the other side of the brain, such as S.T.E.M.

To argue that both sides of the brain are equally important, and prove that creative expression is just as important as the Scientific Method, I’d like the dedicate my next column to a deep dive into the topic.

This train of thought was inspired by recent conversations with local creative professionals like Darren Smith, a local musician who recently re-launched the Schwabenhof Blues Jam series, which is now operating under the name, HarpDaddy Backcountry Blues Jam. He used the “chopping block” analogy which kick-started a series of memories of talking about art education long before I even started Art Beat.

I’ve gravitated toward the artistically inclined stories since I started working here, and I’ve had some very insightful and conversations with local movers and shakers who keep the creative community going or have jumped in to make it a more robust and colorful tapestry.

With this in mind, I think an in-depth look at the situation at the local and broader scale with these people with fresh perspectives molded by the ongoing situation should draw some potent philosophical musings and observations worth exploring.

If this seems like an interesting article worth reading, be sure to check out the next installment of Art Beat this Sunday. If you’re reading this and feel thoughts and opinions bubbling up inside you, feel free to reach out to me to talk about the subject at hand. Each point of view painted to the canvas results in a more detailed picture that helps evoke the sense of gravity and nuance when looking at complex societal issues.

Until next time, all the best.

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