Jacob Mann

In art and life, in love and death, and through our faith as much as our madness, we all face opportunities to learn and grow from each day’s lesson, or if you’re having a particularly tough one, several lessons.

You can learn a lot about life and churn it into butter and spread it on that big piece of toast called life. You can cast creativity from education if you draw enough discipline of taking it in. It doesn’t have to be inside the lines or from a bound book. You can learn from the streets and get smart from the facts of life.

You can only conjure spells if you take the time to rehearse their properties. Only through careful study and considerate practice can you master the arcane arts of your soul, whatever they may be.

Whether it’s plucking piano keys or polishing the rims of 1969 Mustang, we take pride in different kinds of work, and my job as the intrepid arts beat reporter has been to show it all takes a certain kind of creativity to pull off the things we love, even if you or anybody else forgets to out “art” on the label.

Much like science, art actually is all around and can be used to better explain what’s going on around us. The left and right brain are two sides of the same coin. It’s all Greek, but to me, it’s easy ABC, 123.

Yes, life if funny alright. As long as you remember to laugh at it all every once in a while, it should be okay. If not, at least you left with a laugh and you can always go out with a bang.

“Just keep going. Like, if you’re an aspiring artist or anything in life, anything, if you want to do something, you’ve got to wake up. You’ve got to put the work in. You’ve got to do it. You’ve got to keep trying. You can’t be afraid to fail. You can’t be afraid to invest your time and your money into something because if you do, you’re only gonna be successful as you let yourself… Keep pushing and you’ll be so surprised where you can take yourself.”

— Joshua Silva, a.k.a. Alaska Redd

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