WASILLA— Local musician, John Rodgers recently participated in a question and answer interview to discuss

How long have you been playing music?“I started playing music when I was 14. Now, I’m 48. So, 34 years,” he said with a laugh.

What motivated you to dive deep into music?“It’s one of those things you have a talent for and an interest in it, and then you just pursue it.”

What about music appeals to you and why do you get so much joy from it?“I guess for me, music is a gift. I feel like it’s a gift from God. I just enjoy making sounds. It just means you can organize all these sounds into a piece of art. That, I think, is a thing of beauty. It can make you feel silly. It can make you feel cool. It can make you feel deep emotions. It can make you feel romantic. It’s just really wide open.”

“The different kinds of music I play will definitely be at church. I also play at the Grape Tap once a month. I’ve done a number of memorial services. Just a number of those and other things… Because I teach at the schools, I’ve put on several school concerts for Christmas or at the end of the year. I speak fluent Spanish. My wife and I were missionaries in Mexico several years ago. I’ve taught at Fronteras, and I’ve done the concerts there before.”

Are you still teaching?“Yeah, it’s kind of a part-time thing. I teach for a homeschool organization that’s within the district. It’s called Twindly Bridge Charter School. They have me in music and Spanish. That’s one job. I also work at my church, Wasilla Bible Church. I gig and teach private lessons. I do a bit of guitar repair work too. So I do several things and I’m somehow able to pay the bills.”

What are some of your goals for your music?“When I think about it, my main goal is taking care of my family. So, whatever happens in the work world to do that, I’m willing to do it. It would be nice to write more music and record it. I think I would enjoy that, given the opportunity; and to gig more, to play at more things.”

What would you like to see happen with our local music scene?“I can’t really say outdoor playing so much this time of year,” he said with a laugh. “There’s something that’s kind of new in the area, a coffee house called Band of Brothers. It’s put on by Church on the Rock, a separate building. It’s a really well-done coffee house… They featured me a few times,. They’ve done that a few times, featured bands. But, I’d like to see more of that too. I’d like to see them and others get more stuff. People would be interested. It would be fun to a music camp or clinic, especially for teens or kids, just people that are getting a start on the skill, to be able to put a band together during the summer or something.”

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