Michael B. Dillon

Michael B. Dillon inside the studio at MoonDog Media.

WASILLA — Local writer and filmmaker Michael B. Dillon is currently Dillon is working to get an Alaskan heist film he wrote off the ground while promoting local artists with his multimedia company, MoonDog Media.

Dillon recently participated in a question and answer interview discussing his creative journey and ambitions for the future.

Q: I know you wear many hats, writing, directing, producing, doing sound for events all across town, what are some of the main things that you like to creatively express yourself?“I’m pretty fortunate in the fact that I can kind of float depending on what project is key at the moment. I gotta say honestly, if I could do absolutely anything all the time and make a great living at it, it would be writing. I’ve got so many stories and everything that I want to put down… I love doing sound. I’ve been doing sound for 16 years… I work really hard to gain the trust of the artists and the venues that I work with.”

Q: Growing up, what did you gravitate towards, was it a lot of reading and writing?“Yeah, I was one of those kids who, as my dad always said, ‘constantly had his head in the clouds.’ I did a lot of work when I was growing up. We had a small ranch where we did horseback tours… I had a lot of time where Id just let my imagination run and it made the work seem so much quicker. I started making up stories in my teen years and writing them down. I’m still developing some of those stories that I developed way back then.”

Q: How does it feel to go full-time following your creative passions?“Honestly, it’s terrifying, it really is… I do have some absolutely amazing people that are standing behind everything we’re doing… It makes it easier but at the same time, I wake up in the morning and this is my job,” he said with a laugh. “You gotta do this today because your livelihood is on the line at this point.”

Q: All in all, how have things been going?“With the tough year we had last year, we’re gonna be in recovery for this for at minimum, this whole year, but things are starting to open back up. I’m getting to the point where I’m scheduled all the way through August with gigs… But last summer, it is was scary… There was nowhere for musicians to do their digs.”

Q: Would you say that you’re geared up to keep moving forward?“Absolutely… People are excited about what we’re doing. We’ve got sponsorships all over the place… It’s really coming together as a community effort. At MoonDog Media, we’re a pack.”

Q: What about writing really appeals to you the most?“That’s the thing about when you’re developing a story, you become attached… Auditions are my absolute favorite because that’s the first time I get to see somebody physically become a character that I’ve been knocking around in my head anywhere from months to years. You really see it come to life… I’m a dreamer.”

Q: How did you gravitate towards screenwriting specifically with your words?“I sold my first script when I was 18 years old, and unfortunately it didn’t end up being made into a movie, and I dropped it for like 10 years. I didn’t write anything. I didn’t try. What brought me back into it was when I became involved with ‘Proper Binge...’ The stories were always there. I just let it go for a while… It just built and built from there. It was a lot of hard work. I can tell you that much. I mean, anybody can do what I’m doing. A lot of it is spending the time learning. Nowadays, you go online, you can learn absolutely anything you want to.”

Q: What are some creative projects and goals you have in mind for the future?“I definitely want to be getting back into ‘Dividends’ and we have had some investors renew their interests since the COVID shutdown. So, it looks like that might be going forward. That’s really near and dear to me because “Dividends” is actually a rewrite of that first script that “I sold when I was 18 that never got made into a movie… It would be a real affirmation of how I started… Having the ability to do it and quite possibly even do it completely do it here in Alaska for a fraction of the budget we were originally looking at is pretty enticing.”

Dean Q. Mitchell directed “Proper Binge” with Michael Burns, who went on to create “Peaks and Valleys” with Dillon, who played a role in the former film and since worked on a number of multi-media projects in the community.

“Peaks and Valleys,” a raw, Alaskan thriller about a rural recluse who wants to be left alone and an afflicted young woman that literally dropped into his life.

“Proper Binge,” is a dark comedy/drama following the story of an unemployed alcoholic looking back while looking forward as he starts to come to grips with the damage caused by his addiction.

“Proper Binge” is available on DVD and streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi. “Peaks and Valleys” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

For more information, email Dillon at moondogmbd@gmail.com.

Contact Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reporter Jacob Mann at jacob.mann@frontiersman.com

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