Rocky Murrill

Rocky Murrill is a local musician and owner of Mountain Sound Entertainment.

WASILLA — Local musician and Mountain Sound Entertainment owner, Rocky Murrill recently participated in a question and answer interview to discuss his time in the Valley’s music scene as a musician and sound engineer.

Q: How long have you been running Mountain Sound?“It’s been four years, building from the bottom. I’m licensed and bonded. I can promote national acts and I have set some national acts… We’ve got quite a good thing. We go to Salmon Fest. I do all kinds of stuff in the summer here at festivals.”

Q: What was it like being a part of the Fair this year?“I’m burnt out because it’s a lot of hours, and you just keeping going and going and going, and you’re dealing with a lot of people… It was amazing, but boy was that was a lot of people. I’m glad it’s over with, Let me put it that way.”

Q: What can you tell me about founding Element 47?“I put that together 15 years ago. We did a talent show with a couple of us that’s where it started. We put together four songs in about two or three days, and we put this talent show together, and then I do, ‘you know what? We should do this.’ Because, I was a drummer for most of my life when I was a kid growing up. I just hadn’t done it in a long time and we put it back together, and we took it far. We went down to the Lower 48 and played down there at a big festival, and I just kept it going. I had opportunities to have great players… I went through many, many people. Finally, the last three years, I put together an all-star cast… Until we had one individual in there that only wanted one guitar player instead of two… I pulled the plug on that last spring... I’d rather have a nice project where everyone gets along and has fun and enjoys it and has the passion. We can play the music, that’s the thing.”

Q: What’s going on with the band?“As a matter of fact, I’m looking at putting it together again… We’re just getting everybody together. I’m put that together probably in the first part of October. There’s some great musicians all over the place and I know all of them, almost every one of them… They’ve got a lot of good things going. My sound company set sound here at the festival at the race track this summer.”

Q: What’s it been like seeing the music scene come back to life after the shut down?

“Oh, it was a big hit. Everybody wanted to get out and do something this year… But, people are gonna be pulling back a little bit. I really think so. I’ve been in my band for a long time and I’ve been in the music scene for 15 years. Mark my words.”

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