Palmer Buzz

Last week we celebrated Greening Time in Palmer. We’re in the thick of it now. If you look around, you can easily identify a dozen different hues and shades of green, nearly all of which were not here one month ago. Grass, leaflets, buds, leaves, fiddleheads, rhubarb, perennials, weeds, spruce, dead spruce, mosses, flower tips, stems; and all of them sport a different green color—some have more blue, more red, more yellow in the green causing an entire green color-wheel to enjoy. Even the various names of green are delicious: emerald, kelly green, avocado, celadon, verdigris, absinthe, terra verte, hunter green, mint green, sea-mist green, forest green, willow green,, hazel, fern green, artichoke green, army green, lime green, olive green, sap green and parrot green. These are just a sampling of the green family. But if you look carefully, right now, you can see all the differences. Palmer Blue might be the mascot school color but seasonal Palmer nGreen is hope, promise, life and and belief.

Browning Time—This is a new one to me. But it’s real. Looking at our rivers, we no longer see ice. The grey silty water has been replaced by thick brownish water. Therefore this is browning time. Upstream (and there is a LOT of upstream) the melt is heavy and eroding banks and bringing lots of soil and debris downstream to us. This probably accounts for the brown gravy water.

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