HOUSTON — The ghouls, ghost, goblins and Buzz Lightyears of the Houston and Big Lake area came together for candy and community on Thursday night to celebrate Halloween.

Nearly 300 people attended the city of Houston’s inaugural trunk or treat event at the Little Su Campground in Houston on Thursday. Costumed kids that hadn’t gotten their fill of candy in Houston were also able to attend the trunk or treat at the Big Lake Lions Club in Big Lake for an added sugar rush.

“People would decorate the backs of their cars or their trucks or whatever and kids would trick or treat until we ran out of candy or 7:30, whichever came first. This year it’s supposed to rain so we were freaking out, okay we’ll do it inside the ice rink area. So we set up tables and this is the first time we’ve done it inside,” Big Lake Elementary School Administrative Secretary Chris Sawyer said.

Sawyer said that Big Lake has been hosting a trunk or treat for a handful of years. Advertisements on community bulletin boards, road signs, and Facebook pages help get the word out and alert the candy-crazed masses of where to get their sugar fix on Halloween. The Houston trunk or treat ended at 5 p.m. and the Big Lake Lions trunk or treat picked up right where Houston left off, beginning right after Houston’s event had ended. Big Lake opted to move their operation inside, ditching the trunks for a truly spooky experience around the outer edge of the ice rink. A line of costumed kids and parents stretched around the ice rink for over an hour, serving hundreds of hungry trick or treaters.

“I think it’s just a safe place for people to come trick or treating and I am honestly shocked at how many people are here,” Sawyer said. “Each table is its own thing so I think that’s kind of cool.”

Themed tables were set up for trick or treaters to trickle through and fill their candy stashes. Tables were set up with themes of pirates, the nightmare before Christmas, and every age-appropriate spooky season setup imaginable. Young trick or treaters were given the opportunity to throw bean bags into a jack-o-lantern for their opportunity at prizes outside the door. Micki Decker brought her daughters Harper and Azlynn, dressed as a unicorn and catwoman, respectively.

“It’s good, especially in times like tonight where we all need to get together and have fun I guess and make it about the kids,” Decker said.

Popular costumes ranged far and wide from witches to Avengers to Addams family imitators, but Buzz Lightyear costumes are making a strong comeback with the release of Toy Story 4 in June. Houston Parks and Recreation board member Katie Stavick was feeling the euphoric community involvement while cleaning up at the Little Su Campground after trick or treaters had made the move to Big Lake.

“I I thought we needed to do something to the recreation part, bring the kids together so it was just an opportunity to bring the community together,” Stavick said. “We are here to actually have some fun and bring everybody together.”

Stavick said that Youth 360 provided interactive booths, and the Houston House also participated with games for trunk or treaters. Even after the barrage of hundreds of children hungry for candy, Stavick was excited to begin planning Houston’s 2020 trunk or treat.

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