Palmer Buzz

Nothing grabbed priority like the Northern Lights this week. Everything earth-side dropped quickly when the sky starting dancing. Early Sunday night the quiet waltz of ethereal colors started flirting with the dark sky. Within hours Aurora’s dance was shaking and pivoting and leaping. The lights seemed to send cosmic pulsing messages and create shapes in the sky. It felt like the Northern Lights were trying to tell us a story. It had to be one of the great shows of the decade.

Late For Work—More than a few people stayed up way too late watching the Northern Lights show; and more than a few people were late for work the next day. A goodly number of watchers reported Aurora hangovers the next morning. Neck aches were on the upswing from the gawking. And Northern Light Naps were required for many as preparation for another light show would repeat for a few evenings.

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