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It’s going to be a grand month. We started well, with a full area wide clean-up within Palmer city limits and outside of city limits. Community clean ups will continue this full month focusing on special neighborhoods and defined areas. Please do your part and pick up that errant piece of trash while you are walking your dog. Collect your neighbors and designate a clean up spot. Gather your church or club members, pick up trash bags at the borough, and clean up a street or small park. Trash is nobody’s friend. The winter is over and it is time to shine.

Palmer Area Greenhouses Open—It’s the BIG weekend for plants in Palmer. Practically every single greenhouse is now open. Let’s not forget the Palmer Future Farmers of America. The Palmer FFA students are having a big plant sale with flower hanging baskets, bedding plants, vegetable starts, and succulents. It’s free and eight hours, beginning at 9AM on Saturday at 1170 W Bogard Rd.

Palmer Flight Celebration And Gathering—This is a huge annual event involving businesses, enthusiasts, airplanes, flying and the community. It happens this year in Palmer at the airport, businesses, and state fair grounds. There is a lot of activities planned, including: over 100 aviation vendors, displays of various aircraft, helicopter rides, discovery flights, hot air balloons, sky diving, food trucks, markets, shiny airplane show, beer garden, live music and a really cool water bombing demonstration from the Department of Natural Resources Forestry firefighting group.

Graduates of Greater Palmer—Congratulations! This is your world now and we all want you to do well. Be safe and don’t forget you’re loved.

Greening Week—This is Palmer’s Greening Week. This is when the color of the season switches in a major way from browns, grays and whites to greens. It won’t take long. In fact you can actually photo chronicle the growth of a leaf from morning to evening. Aggressive green will sprout from hotter microclimates near bare dirt or concrete. Tree buds will be noticeably larger each time you look. The trees on the lower mountainsides have a shimmer of green color and their trunks show the juicy blood sap in their bones. Higher up on the mountain, you won’t see the change quite yet, but in a few weeks the higher elevations too will join the green-up.

Flocking in Palmer, Alaska—Spring flocking isn’t a new phenomena. This applies to tractors, humans, and animals. Monday was Palmer’s 5th Annual Drive Your Tractor to Work Day. There was good homecooked food and pretty tractors to celebrate our agricultural heritage and recognize our hardworking farmers and food growers. All during the spring time days, flocks of people are on the sidewalks, at the river bed, on the hiking trails and up at Hatcher Pass. There will be many more summer festivals and markets. In fact nearly every weekend, all summer long, there will be big and small Palmer flocking events to music venues, parades, Friday flings, fundraisers and summer festivals and markets. Cranes, swans, ravens and geese are Palmer’s natural flocks which we welcome.

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff with you at the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz Column in the Wednesday, Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Contact at

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