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Palmer bursts with color in late June. Group colors join up with natural color and manufactured colors to create an enormous color wheel of diversity and significance. Here’s the Palmer breakdown:

Yellow— Freshly painted lane striping in bright yellow is showing up on completed road construction. Bright schoolbus yellow barricades are situated in Palmer to direct traffic routes. There are no Yellow parades scheduled but a bunch of yellow is coming into bloom.

Orange—Don’t miss the extravagant scarlet orange/red poppies in front of Comb’s Insurance building. And you can’t miss the florescent orange survey tape separating social distance space at Palmer events.

Red—Nasturtiums pop red in the garden and peonies are beginning to show their red buds. Freshly washed summer cars, in bright red, make a statement on the roads.

Blue—The exquisite Himalayan Blue Poppies are starting to bud behind the Museum. Blue celebrations are called, “backing the blue.” You will see posters on this around town.

Red, White and Blue—is coming up on traditional July 4th, in the form of American flags, bunting and decorations for Independence Day.

Green—We don’t have to look hard to see green in Palmer. Vegetation of every sort is luscious this year.

Amber—Delicious amber is the color of a variety of local brewery products in Palmer: You can check this color out at Bleeding Heart, Matanuska Brewery, Palmer Ale House, Klondike Mike’s, Palmer Bar, Moosehead, and Arkose Brewery.

Pink— Rosie Pink Rhubarb is the color of 203 Kombuchu’s special mix. Pink is also the color of the wild roses lining the roadways. There is also an ongoing open art project at 203, which presents in many colors.

Lavender—This gentle color is the unspent lilac bushes surrounding yards and businesses all around town. They are close to saying goodbye but their melancholy scent will stay with us

Purple—Dark Purple, mixed with greys, blues and yellows is the color of bad summer bruises and storm clouds.

Black—Black banners, badges and buttons are heralding civil liberties in these difficult times. You will see these reminders all around the Palmer area.

White—White has recently been celebrated withAlbinism Awareness Day, where supporters and families carried white balloons during a march on the P/W highway. There are only a few white lilacs around but there are some extraordinary white lupines in the Showcase Garden. White face masks are also frequently seen in town.

Full color—Rainbows are frequent and full. No one makes these or mixes up this paint. It is all a generous gift of Mother Nature.

All Colors— will celebrate at Palmer’s Mid-Summer Garden Faire, which is in still scheduled for July. The Palmer Renaissance Painters have been asked back for third year of Monet and peony garden portraits.

Eggshell and Stone Grey—Vagabonds coffeehouse’s walls are newly painted in eggshell and industrial ceiling is painted stone grey. And there’s always good food and interesting art.

Turquoise and Fushia—The Art Cafe, in uptown Palmer, is a special place which feels as you are walking into a jewelry box. Inhale all the colors and textures of a public art making place.

Palmer Colors—The City of Palmer is again considering artists to paint utility boxes. Apply for a permit at City Hall. Color scheme is your choice but approval is part of the game.

Colorful Street Art— under the Glenn Highway Bridge is improving in quality and graffiti is lessening. This is a good trend.

Sidewalk Art— is occasional but appreciated in Palmer. There are plans for recreating the longest hopscotch course using all the colors of pastel sidewalk chalk.

Palmer Color Masters—Ali, Erin, Sandra, Terry, and Audra are all wonderful Palmer artists and photographers, working independently. At many levels and in many forums, they create and share and sell their colorful art.

Summer Color—There are quite a few art and nature groups still meeting and enjoying the summer landscapes around Palmer. Big events aren’t happening but the small ones are sweet.

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff in the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz Column in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Her “Palmer Buzz Community Calendar” is available at Palmer shops and the Palmer museum. Contact at or text 907.315.3222

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