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It seems predictable now. Mornings will be ridiculously foggy as the cooler temperatures sink into the river beds and low lands around Palmer. The fog starts to burn off by 2pm and it rises to encompass the mountain sides by four pm. And then the whole fog system starts all over again. The most important thing about this fog is to DRIVE WITH YOUR LIGHTS ON. We’ve seen way too many drivers without lights and no doubt there’s some we didn’t see, for the exact same reason.

Election Fatigue—At the time this column is published, the final election for 2019 will be over. Many will be rejoicing its’ completion, regardless who has won. Local elections are not for the faint-hearted. More and more partisanship is starting to play into local races—which frankly should be more about roads, firetrucks, and school funding—than political leanings. If you think this year was bad, don’t even think about next year, which will be a combination of local, state and national elections on THE SAME DAY. Can you even imagine the signage, the sign wavers, the local canvassing, the simultaneous mailers, the phone calls, the jockeying for radio spots, and then the double lines at the polls? Ugh. There used to be a genteel and respectful cadence to the election…first the local and regional election…and then a few weeks later, the state and national elections. But henceforth it will all be bundled up in one chaotic package.

Last week Palmer celebrated National Cat Day.—It was a spontaneous celebration with hundreds of folks sharing their cat’s picture and their cat’s name. As you can see the cats in our area are beyond beautiful. They are magnificent. And their names are equally excellent. Here is a Palmer Area Feline List of Cat Names: Spooky, Kenneth, Pooky, Juju, Kittman with the Green Eyes. Tobin with the gold eyes. Phred the 20 year old cat, Mr. Burton, Bodie, Miss Mable, Lucky, Walker Texas Ranger, Atticus, Saphira, Leonie, Bella, Ally Cat, Tuxedo Potato, Callypsothecat, Precious, Chico, Spooky girl, Nyle, Trixie Micie Wixie, Jericho, Polly, Einstein, Gin, Pickles, Bow, Arrow, Miss Mikasa, Miss Raven, Beaner, Keke, Zimmer, Maxwell Spunkrat, Summer, Cat, Kilo, Pablo, Oz, Tonne, Oliver, Miss Lulu, Squire Spicy Taco Tuff Stuff, Sir Chewie Cuddles Much, Lady Pixie Shadow Assassin, Charlie, Zoe, Leo, Ollie, Moo, Ken, Willow, Ursula, Indy, Steve, Bugs, Sparti, Mystro, Oscar, Hobbes, Fatboy, Mufasa, Loki, Norse God of Mischief, Turtle, Raku, Majolica, Miss Mayble, Dash, Shiny, Rufus, Sebastian, Max the one eyed cat, Riddick, Cleo, Snow, Dexter, Pippa, Gizmo the adventure kitty, Indiana, Skippyjon Jones, Lois, Matts, Buster, Jet, Master of Naps, Ruler of the cat folk, Everest, King Augustus IV, Cupcake, Murphy girl, Miss Lady, Boss, Babby, Cloudy, Griffey, Onyx, Stormy, Smooch Macgregor, Abraham,

Cats are abundant right now. If you are considering becoming a kitty owner, please go over to the Mat Su Animal Shelter. Or contact Clear Creek. Or Sometimes all black cats are on sale. Sometimes all male cats are on sale. Sometimes all the cats are on sale. Adopt a cat if you can. I promise your life will improve with a cat in your life.

Clocks Changed—Now that we have “fallen back” in time, it gets dark early. That darkness will only increase for about 6 more weeks and then, at winter solstice, we will switch back to light increase. Nonetheless it’s dark a lot now. Thankfully people are getting their trees lit up and holiday lights will brighten things considerably. Without the reflective snow, it is a deeper dark right now and outdoor lights are more necessary than ever in our Palmer community. Lights have a positive impact on most everyone.

Some tips for This Week in Palmer—

Wednesday is “Wildlife Wednesday,”over at the Experiment Farm. There is also a Bookclub at Fireside books.

Thursday is Contra Dancing at the Salvation Army. Palmer Moose Hockey also happens on Thursday. Food Preservation classes are offered at the Experiment Farm. And Northern Lily, which opens this week, is donating 10% of purchases to the Yak on Thursday.

Saturday—This is the weekend for the monthly Palmer Food Swap at Level Seven. Non Essentials, on Main Street, is having a Wellness Pop Up Market from 11-3. The Art Cafe is doing mosaic owl windows—they are exquisite. Saturday night is a free screening Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, sponsored by the Palmer Baccalaureate Program. The Klondike will be rocking with Danger Money.

Sunday—Go to the Glenn Massay Theater and listen to the Matanuska Susitna Orchestra present a Veterans Day Celebration Concert. This is also a benefit concert for the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions. It happens a 3pm on Sunday. It is a donation event. The Palmer Paintbrush Jam continues into its’ second year with Art Illustration Journaling on every Sunday afternoon at Level Seven.

Monday—Veteran’s Day. There are recognitions and events all over the Valley.

Tuesday—The highly talented Pamyyua musical group will be performing at the Glenn Massey Theater. Some say their music is like “Inuit Soul Music.” All I know is that it is fantastic.

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff in the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz Column in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Her “Palmer Buzz Community Calendar” is available at Palmer shops and museum. Contact at or text 907.315.3222

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