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The 2019 Fair was exciting and fun. It was an Event that kept on going. But today is the beginning of the rest of the year. And we have lots happening.

Palmer is Not A Sleepy Town Anymore—There is much that happens daily and weekly in our little town. Palmer has continual offering of classes, get-togethers, meet-ups, parties, politics, arts, science, runs, safety, nature, farming, history, festivals, hikes, and bikes. As winter begins to move in, the level of offerings in Palmer starts to increase. This is about community. This is about fighting isolation, celebrating the harvests and the seasons, surviving the cold, appreciating the night sky, embracing the dark season and rejoicing in the sun.

Palmer Is Very Good at Connection—It is for this reason that “The Palmer Buzz” spent months collating goodness which our town has to offer. The result is the crazy, colorful Palmer Community Calendar. This Calendar is making its way into the Palmer shops this week. It’s a limited printing. There are over fourteen hundred Palmer events inscribed into the yearly calendar.

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Palmer Epicenter of Our World—“Our little Alaska Mountain town, Palmer, falls in love with itself, over and over again.” This is my quote which drives my art, my writings, my column and ultimately this community calendar.

Problem with Social Media—It’s easy to promote and identify near-term events on Social Media, on Community Bulletin boards, and in the Frontiersman. But if you are a planner, you need to see the long-range topography of the year.

This is the purpose of the Palmer Community Calendar. It is highly detailed and illustrated and includes most of the predictable and scheduled events through out the Palmer Year. It is a big “old school” wall calendar which hangs in the kitchen or the board room. It informs, invigorates, encourages and celebrates Palmer community with hand drawn art, illustrations, photos, paintings and collective folk knowledge.

Social media is not for everyone. Having a “hard copy” calendar is important to many folks; I tried to include all the races, walks, musical events, classes, meetings, chambers, and opportunities which I so often write about on a daily basis on Facebook group, Palmer Alaska Buzz and which I write about weekly in the Frontiersman Newspaper’s weekly Column the Palmer Alaska Buzz. The calendar is 18 inches by 12 and boisterously busy in color and content….and it is all about Palmer.

Have you ever found about a great Palmer event, after its over?—This is a common complaint I hear on social media and in person. We miss cool things. We forget which weekend is the festival. We miss the play opening. We schedule over an important nonprofit annual meeting. We forget which day the luncheon convenes. It’s hard to remember which day is already committed. Again, this is why the Calendar was created. It includes art shows, tours, school board dates, election dates, school calendar, library events, museum events, sports events, full moons and traditional holidays.

Full Admission—Does it seem disingenuous for me to write about the Calendar in my column? I have pondered this repeatedly. Ethics are important to me. I consulted with other folks and decided to write about it in my column and on Social Media pages because frankly—this Calendar is Palmer. This is the subject I have written about—voluntarily—for many years. I saw a need for this product and I funded it. And it was expensive to publish. I am also including an option for updating and adding events throughout the year. Plus I am already preparing for next year. As always a first time project of this size has a huge learning curve. I anticipate an even better calendar next time!

Palmer Non-Profits—I decided early on to donate a nice chunk of any profits from the Palmer Community Calendar, to Palmer non-profits. I feel this is the way to go with any enterprise. Most of our businesses do this in Palmer, in one way or another. A few weeks ago I put out a request for important Palmer Non-profit recommendations. The list grew fast and strong. I will use this community generated list to make donations.

Supporters of this Venture—I had some wonderful sponsors of this Calendar. I will list them here and they will all be selling the calendar in their shops. Their faith in me and this project kept me going during the hundreds and hundreds of hours it took to make this thing come to life. Palmer Museum of History and Art; Palmer Ale House; Silva Insurance; Non-Essentials; Active Soles; Back Country Bike and Ski; Fireside Books; Alaska State Fair; Vagabonds Coffee House.

The Palmer Downtown Deli; Palmer UPS Store in Key Plaza; Peak Boutique; and the Frontiersman newspaper have been huge supporters of my work and I thank them too.

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff and occasional reviews on the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. She is also the creator of the “hard copy, old school” Palmer Community Calendar. Contact at

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