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For this column I felt there had to be—at least three things—we could all agree upon, regarding the Palmer Community that we love. So I put it out there, for a few days, in the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Universe. Sadly, It turns out that we can’t agree on any three things. But crowd-sourcing resulted in a very healthy list of nearly 100 of our favorites. For this week of Valentine love, in the Palmer Buzz, here are the results.

The Palmer Water Tower—Without a doubt this is our icon. It might not function as a water tower any longer, but it fulfills a function of identity. Over and over people mentioned this single feature as both remarkable and loved.

The Palmer Sense of Community—This was defined as Palmer area people, neighbors, friendliness, and general niceness of everyone. You see this repeated and repeated in the stories of good deeds, kindness, and helpfulness that seems to be the normal mode of operation in the town.

Palmer Surrounding Mountains and Flatlands Farms—Appreciating the natural beauty of where we live is always at the top of the love list. The entire panorama of Palmer’s peaks are pointed out and individual mountain names are listed with love.

Please go through the following crowd-sourced list and see which you love as well.

Palmer Moose; Pioneer Peak; Byer’s Peak; Matanuska Peak; Palmer Train Depot; Palmer people; Small town feel; Cute eclectic shops; Walkable Downtown; Hatcher Pass; Country feeling; Low Crime rate; Small town charm; Limited Big Box Stores; Sidewalks; Caring and friendly people; Bishop’s Attic; 203 Kombucha; Palmer Ale House; NonEssentials; Monday Happy Runs; Markets; Long parades; Activities; Palmer Library; Palmer Bar; Klondike Mike’s; Moosehead; Mat Su River; Cows living along side one of the main roads; Musk Ox; Town feel; City maintenance, decoration and organization; Shared Pride; Image; Spectacular physical surroundings; Mountain views in every direction; Community events; Palmer Museum; History maintained; Close to amenities (stores and restaurants); Cost of living; Wind; Mountains; The Alaska State Fair grounds; Alaska Picker; Quaint downtown; Picnic table and benches; The beautiful girls; Traditions; Boutiques; Kind people; Plenty of jobs for all; Small businesses; Beauty; Mountain Ash trees attracting birds; Prairie like farmland surrounded by mountains; The Log Church; Coffee; Turkey Red; Breathtaking scenery; Warm Community; Wonderful history; Sweet community; Familiar faces; Ravens; Colony Inn; Vagabonds; Friday Flings; Hanging flower baskets; Palmer Alaska Buzz!!!; Human scale civid development pattern; Monumental natural landscape; Small town vibe; Friendliness; Partnerships; Community charity and passion; Amazing beauty right in town; Norman Rockwell Town; Light traffic; Community pride; Planned growth; Happy mountains; Local economic development in agriculture, beer and crafts; Gardens; Beautiful scenery, streets and buildings; Cool shopping area; Shoveled sidewalks; Friendly post office; Hick/yuppie cross; Family supports; Everything you need within one mile radius; Post Office; Chickens in the gardens; Ice cream at Art Café; Climbing the butte; Picking berries; Graciousness; Organic grown gardens; Good soils; Palmer Grow operation; Street lights; Cabbage Fairies; Locally owned businesses; Walkability; Crabapple trees downtown; Visitor’s Center; Visitor’s Center Garden; Matanuska Valley Credit Union; Community spirit; Sidewalk Art; Old Timers; Connections; Amazing artisans; Nice police; Fun events all year round; Giant Vegetables; Fred Meyer daily huddles; Everything; Farmers; Bike Racks; Colony Way buildings retained their historical footprint; Fireside Bookstore; Christmas Lights; The Whistle

There’s a lot to love in Palmer. Have a great Valentine Week from the Palmer Alaska Buzz!

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff in the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz Column in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Her “Palmer Buzz Community Calendar” is available at Palmer shops and the Palmer museum. Contact at or text 907.315.3222

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