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Monday evening’s ridiculous rainfall was possibly a record-setting weather event. It started around 5 p.m. and burst wide open by 5:30. It definitely earned the definition of a gully-washer. It was kind of fun, in a way….if you weren’t walking in it. (However, some grade school girls (who were walking in it) told me, “It was totally awesome.”)

In the middle of Palmer, it seemed as if all-the-water-in-the-world came together in a perfect storm. The drainage pipes at Fred Myers shot out full throttle. The dusty construction traffic floated in six inches of water. The Fun Runners needed floaties. The windshield washers couldn’t keep up with the drenching downpour. This summer rainstorm turned into icy chunks of hail and piled up in inches on cars and decks. Umbrellas received pierced dents from the pelting crystals. Small cars sunk into depressions. Flash flooding created canals. Someone on Main Street cast for fish with their fly rod. Jenski’s Auto shop saw a fellow kayaking along the makeshift river. But this cloudburst was very localized. The soundtrack of massive thundering and the crack of lightning was shared with the outer areas. Only downtown Palmer received the brunt of it. It was a scrubbing and cleansing, hard shower. And within hours all the water had permeated the soil and puddles were a thing of the past.

Colony House Museum — It’s a lovely Palmer time warp when you step back in history at the Colony House Museum on Elmwood. Every thing is authentic. The Palmer Historical Society’s house is an original “Colony Farm House,” built specifically for the New Deal resettlement project, which was sponsored in 1935 by the Roosevelt Administration. The Colony project recounts the stories and aura of the original colonists; some of the Colonist’s descendants staff the house and serve as tour guides and docents. The house is furnished ca. 1935-45, displaying some original furnishings supplied by Sears and Roebuck for the colonists. This Colony weekend is the Colony House Museum Open House at 5pm on Saturday.

More inside

Colony Chickens come Home to Roost—Behind the Colony House in the backyard is the lovingly recreated Colony Chicken coop. It is a marvelous building adding space, storage and character to the historical project. This weekend the Colony chickens arrive. They are authentic chickens, slightly oversize, but in traditional poultry colors of brown, white and black. Denny Hamaan and supporters moved and renovated an authentic chicken coop structure, one board at a time, from the original Colonist Beylund house. I painted the large four piece chicken mural, which will be installed in the window casements of the chicken house. Frankly, the recreated historical chickens are most grateful to be out of my garage and into the limelight of the Palmer Colony House Museum.

Colony Days Weekend—This Palmer weekend promises to be perfect with all the Colony events and visitors. You will see a real “small” town crest the wave of total fun.

The events are many and varied but here are the biggies: Community Bed Races, Bill Mitchell 5K Fun Run/Walk, Live Music in many forms and many place all weekend, Pickle Ball Tournament, Palmer Lions Breakfast Buffett, Tent City Market, Engine 557 Exhibit, Colony House Museum Open House, Ax Throwing event, Sidewalk Sales, Antique Farm Tractors and Equipment Display, Colony Days Arts, Crafts and Food Market, Colony Day Parade, Birdhouse Painting on Museum Green, Root beer Floats, Blood Drive, Rock Wall, Bike Safety Exhibits, Radio Station Open House, Pedal Tractors, Dunk Tank, Alaskiters Flying Demonstrations in the Green, Pony Rides, Burgee Bounce, Crazy Hair, Kombucha Days, Tractor Pull, Egg Toss, Walk and Talk Tours, Reindeer Petting, Flower Kits, Reindeer Petting, CPR Skill tests, Balance Bike Races, Moose Poop Palooza Drop, Palmer Museum Fair Flower Kits, Untold Stories, Moose Poop Palooza Drop, Ladybug Rock Painting, and Ladybug Release and Rock Painting.

The Palmer Alaska Buzz community platform on social media queried readers about their favorite event at Colony Days. Many folks just enjoy the entire weekend but the “long and lovable” Colony Days Parade, which starts Saturday at 11am, is perhaps always the favorite. See you there!

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff on the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Contact at


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