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It’s hard when two well-loved businesses close down in our town. It causes a feeling of loss. It is both disorienting and disconcerting.

Both the Garden Gate and the Palmer Downtown Deli are changing up. For many years the Garden Gate has offered classy and professional clothes to many women in our community and Anchorage. The 4-way stop corner shop location had the beautiful lit-up colorful winter stars and the delightful puppets in the window. The Palmer Downtown Deli served locals and tourists the very best Cuban Sandwich, along with other fabulous foods. It also served up safety and community as a place for fundraisers, meetings, meals, music and art. Board games and local art were available.

The employees at each establishment have been our friends. The owner of the Deli was known for contributions, donations and efforts to help others. Sadly, both places are closing. Change is hard on everyone.

I know the Palmer community wishes all of these folks well in their future. We will miss them; we hope good health will follow them and we hope they will keep good memories of their contributions to Palmer.

Lotsa Palmer Changes—There are many new things happening in Palmer. In addition to the new convenience store, car & dog wash, and gas station there is a new beauty studio opening up. The Yak is remodeled and up and running, next to Humdingers. Hydrate Alaska is bringing their IV Bar to Palmer. Vets are expanding their businesses. Pediatric Dentistry is open. Two large housing complexes are opening up. U Haul has new signage. CCS has a brand new building in construction on Bogard extension. Open office space is being leased on the north side uptown. The building across from Chevron is receiving a face lift and upgrade. Fresh pavement is everywhere. NIT now has the commercial CDL classes for both!! Coke and Pepsi. Skeetawk ski area is gearing up. A new beer is in town brewed on Lazy Mountain!

Really Big Change—The biggest boom in Palmer will be seen in October. Airframes Alaska will have 80 employees and it opens up its manufacturing operation on the Glenn Highway. This is a big deal and a welcome employer.

28 Million Year—Within the Palmer city limits, valuation of nearly 28 million has been committed for Palmer building permits—this year. Because the city of Palmer only encompasses approximately 5 acres, all the new construction along sides and on the inroads to Palmer isn’t even included in this big number.

Palmer Last Minute Advice for Winter Prep—The following suggestions were offered by Palmer Alaska Buzz social media advisors:

Find flash lights and check their functionality. Find shovels.

Remove accessories from spigots. Drain hoses on sunny day, roll, and store on coat hangers.

Pick up tools you’ve left all over the yard. Put up lawn furniture, horseshoe stakes, and croquet pieces.

Turn the compost. Cut and stack wood. Empty planters. Dig tubers. Scatter poppy seed. Find your ice grips. Prepare for ice with bags of sand or kitty litter.

Have your furnace checked along with your filters. Do annual maintenance.

Clean gutters. Clean outside of windows.

Check the seals around doors and garage doors.

Bring out your family’s winter wear.

Get your car ready with emergency gear, extra clothing, and scrapers.

Dream. Buy Tickets. Pack.

Stock up your larder and book shelves with some of your PFD.

Finish all the summer projects you started.

Put up all those little holiday lights before it gets too cold and early dark.

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff and occasional reviews on the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Contact at

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