Palmer Buzz

It seems normal. A few people are meeting at sunny picnic tables with a bag of food. It’s good to see. In fact it made me wave and cry out, “Hello fellow Human Being!” The older folks looked up from their picnic dinner and smiled. We don’t know each other but there was a huge feeling of camaraderie from the recognition of “solitary solidarity” in this strange, new world.

Bike Riding in Palmer — Lots of bike riders are making the most of spring time. Many of these bikers are new, wobbly and little. There are family bike riders and kid packs of bike riders. There are the dedicated hobby bikers and the full-fledged bike enthusiasts that bike year round. It’s a good thing to bike in Palmer but follow the rules of the road always. Bikers have no chance against a 2 ton vehicle. Bike helmets (like face masks and seat belts and life jackets) are safety tools to use.

Dog Walking in Palmer — Dogs agree that walking is fun in Palmer. There is a lot of canine “reading of the newspaper”, which in the dog world—equates to sniffing every tree, shrub and light pole. It’s interesting. Doggie bags are available, in case you don’t have one in your pocket. There are receptacles too. Be polite.

Appreciation For Our Place in Palmer — The Palmer Corona Chronicles continues. It’s hard to be in this world that has changed so dramatically. But we are so much more fortunate than so many others. We still have our mountains. We still have the visual gifts of nature. We aren’t trapped in a cement city or a mind numbing place of tedium. I tell myself this over and over. Be grateful. Be grateful.

A Very Wrong Time to Ban Books From Classrooms — There is never a good time to ban books, period. But as we’re all hunkered down because of Covid, the very last thing for anyone to do is to challenge students’ independence on book freedom! I know that I’m edgy enough to easily get quickly riled about something as idiotic as banning classic literature. Collectively this is a time where any small argument has the potential of exploding unreasonably. The reason is clear: we don’t like to be told what to do and we don’t like to be restrained. And we’re sick of it. So it doesn’t take much to react. Learn a lesson from the borough school board and think about things carefully before adding more restraints to an already volatile situation.

Wagon Wheel Get-togethers — You see them in the large parking lots. There are groups doing the “social distancing” get-together. It used to be vehicles that were situated in a circle. Now it’s lawn chairs, still spaced appropriately.

Tractors on Main-street — This was the best thing this week. Seeing a bunch of folks driving their tractors into town felt good and wholesome. This annual event does happen every year. And it is always happy. But this year it was joyous. There is so little going on in our normally vibrant little town, even the slightest event is magnified. Plus we need this.

Changing Perspective in Palmer — This is the hardest thing. It’s difficult to accept that this change in our town is not ending soon. (Please remember that I am the one who painstakingly chronicled each of the 1,385 Palmer Community Events for the 2020 Palmer Community Calendar. To see these well planned and well loved events disintegrate is a type of pain I can’t adequately explain.) I know we will have future fun and joy in Palmer. But we’re on a different track now and we need to change perspective. I keep waiting for the signal that normal life will resume, as we have known it. But we’ve changed lanes.

Celebratory Salutations — To all the High School Graduates and the school kids. Zoom hellos to all the community groups. We feel your loss of traditional celebration. But we’re proud of you for keeping on. Someday this will be a profound and precious Palmer memory.

Clean up the Palmer community this week and start some growing things. Keep walking. Keep running. We’re in this for the long haul. Stay Safe.

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