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WASILLA — The Alaska State Fair is moving forward with their new and socially distant holiday activity on the grounds, Bright up the Night. For 29 days, locals and visitors alike will have the chance to drive through an intricate light display with Christmas songs and other festive favorites playing in their vehicles thanks to a special, onsite broadcast from their Reindeer Radio.

Below is a question and answer interview with ASF marketing and communications manager, Melissa Keefe discussing the upcoming holiday series.

Q: Is everything moving forward as planned with Bright up the Night?

“After seven years in the making and though we have faced some challenges getting the show up here and set up, we are/I am pleased to share that everything is moving forward with Bright Up the Night.”

Q: Who’s helping arrange the 70 different light displays?

“North Pole Productions helped us design and build this light display. Our partner, NPP, out of Missouri designed and built this display specifically for our grounds, for Alaska. They sent their production tech to Palmer last month to help our operations crew with layout, flow and set-up. There is no duplicate display to ours and some of the displays are one of a kind.”

Q: What kind of displays will be part of the show?

“There are over 70 different Christmas light displays of various shapes and sizes, both animated and static displays, some over 30 feet tall.”

Q: How are you able to broadcast the music during the show?

“By using an FM broadcast transmitter. While enjoying the light display from the warmth and comfort of their vehicle patrons can tune into Reindeer Radio while on the grounds.”

Q: Can you explain how the 10 percent discount with the Christmas Factory works?

“The Fair partnered with The Christmas Factory, to offer our patrons a 10 percent discount code to anyone who buys tickets to either event. So, if you purchase a ticket to Bright Up the Night you will receive a 10% discount code at that time to purchase a discounted Christmas Factory ticket and vice versa.”

Q: What else can you tell me about Bright up the Night?

“We are excited to offer even more Holiday Cheer on our Fairgrounds this year. Visitors to the Christmas Factory experience the magic of Christmas by touring Santa’s workshop, delivering a personalized letter to Santa’s mailbox, getting a peek into the elf wrapping room, powering up Santa’s sleigh, enjoying a treat in Mrs. Claus’ bakery, and even meeting Santa himself. Combine that with Bright up the Night’s dazzling drive-through light display spanning from Purple gate to green gate and you have a magical night! The experience is Disney-esque.”

Q: To verify, it looks like the cut off for special advance pricing is Nov. 25. Is that correct?

“Yes, if you purchase a ticket before November 25 its $20 per carload (up to 8 people). If you wait to purchase after November 25 tickets start at $25 per carload (up to 8 people). All tickets must be purchased online at Limited number available each hour to ensure folks don’t endure long waits. Advance discounts also apply to vans, limos and buses.”

Q: Does the Fair have any other events or activities planned in the coming months aside from Bright up the Night?

“Bright Up the Night is the last event we are putting on this year. We are excited to be closing out 2020 with Bright up the Night.”

Q: Any other important things to mention?

“Bright Up the Night is presented by AT&T. We ask our patrons to purchase their ticket in advance at They may print their ticket or keep it digitally on their phone to show at the purple gate.”

Bright up the Night runs from Nov. 26 to Dec. 13, Thursday through Sunday, then every day of the week from Dec. 17 to Jan. 2. Hours are from 4 to 9 p.m. For tickets and more information, see

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