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There are so many holidays, holy days, festival days and celebrations in the next five weeks. It’s a continuing Palmer delight to have fun and meaningful things to do in this darkest of times. Palmer is a continual destination. Here are a few of the many events:

Small Business Saturday—all shops in town;

Raven Hall Alaska Vintage Holiday Market and Food Truck Fest;

Colony High School Christmas Bazaar Saturday;

Special salvation Fireworks in Palmer, thanks to Stan Guthrie—7:19 pm Saturday; He has singularly purchased and produced this community show for years. It has significant meaning for him personally but he shares his joy with the community.

Chanukah ON FIRE Annual Family Celebration on Tuesday Nov 30;

Grateful Week—Before all the hubbub of buying and gift giving, let’s take a moment to just be grateful for our safe community and the wonderful, sharing people that live and work in the Palmer area.

Here are some other things for which we, as a tribe, are most grateful:

sanded roads; the “OFF” button on the television; No wind; home-cooked meals; the Palmer Historical Society; business trips which introduce Palmer to the unknowing; music to soothe the soul; travel to Anchorage without mishaps; a fully functioning furnace; good water; electricity; grocery clerks; well-built cars; angel soft toilet paper; kind husbands; the Palmer Pioneer Home; skilled mechanics; caller ID; adoption of feral cats; yarn and a crochet hook; daylight; good restaurants and coffee in Palmer; nice neighbors; straight floors; toasters; First responders, fire fighters and law enforcement; FaceTime for parents away from their children; bathroom doors; colorful warm socks; authentic people; teachers; mental health support; faith communities who support everyone; hay in the barn; books, Palmer Library, little libraries; emotional healing; yoga pants; regularity; and Alaska adventures year-round. The list is long.

All in all, we save the most gratefulness for the kindness of strangers, good neighbors, and resilient hearts. Grace and mercy are actually quite usual in Palmer. Happy Thanksgiving.

Palmer Small Business Saturday is a fun event this weekend. It focuses on the small, dependable, locally-owned shops in our town. These shopkeepers keep our downtown alive—year-round—and provide continual services. They are the ones that offer donations to your sports teams and nonprofits. They are the ones that are open in icky weather. The owners are your neighbors. Small Business Saturday celebrates the local merchants. On the converse—Big Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the consumer focused on big box stores and online shopping—which, frankly, isn’t Palmer, at all. You need to make your choice and spend your clams locally if you believe in local sustainability or our town. The Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce has created some wonderful events so check out their postings and flyers. Here is just a tiny list of little shopping opportunities for you—from a few of our remarkable retailers:

NonEssentials has so many delightful kitchen and culinary gifts—all the time—but on Small Biz Saturday there will be two drawings for $50 dollar gift cards and five $20 gift cards for other Palmer small businesses.

Poppy Lane has a nice vibe to its’ interesting space and merchandise. They will have a Giving Tree full of hundreds of dollars of gift certificates plus a chance to win a gift basket.

Palmer Fireside Books is always wonderful. But this weekend there are discounts on gift picks. And there are thousands of great books.

Have a Good Week Palmer!

Barbara Hunt is both Palmer writer and artist. She works hard to keep the robust pulse of Palmer, Alaska. She shares the good stuff in the weekly Palmer Alaska Buzz Column in the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman and daily on the Palmer Alaska Buzz Facebook Group. Her “Palmer Buzz 2022 Community Calendar” is available at Palmer shops. Contact at or text 907.315.3222

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