Bleeding Heart Brewing

Bleeding Heart Brewing sustained damage during the recent windstorm.

Our breweries in Palmer and Wasilla got a (butt) kicking with this week’s windstorm that blew through the area between Sunday and Wednesday, but I’m relieved to report that nary a drop of beer was spilled. Oh, there was damage, but three of the four breweries out there reported in that “it’s okay, we made it through.”

According to Matanuska Brewing Company owner Matthew Tomter, “Like many others affected by the wind, the power went out and the building got cold really fast. In our situation, the wind blew out the window in the ventilation system in the boiler room. This room has a mechanical louvered window that’s actuated to help control the temperature in the room. It was blown out. We get there at midnight that first night. It was minus 13 outside. We went in, got generators going, fired up all the heaters, and once the temperature starting coming, up, water started shooting out from everywhere. All the pipes and all the plumbing had frozen, and the pumps that push the water around froze and broke.”

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