Wax & Rosweood

Brian Daniels collaborated with Stefan Marty on the Wax & Rosewood project led by Marty.

PALMER — Wax & Rosewood, an ongoing, local musical collaboration led by Stefan Marty, recently released their debut album “Twelve” after months of preparation in the face of the various challenges resulting from COVID-19.

Marty is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of Wax & Rosewood. He also plays bass and serves as the frontrunner of the project. He said it’s more of an art collaboration than a band. He will serve as the constant while collaborating with numerous local musicians in the years to come.

“It allows us both to have input and creative say without the tension of being in a band,” Marty said.

Marty collaborated with Brian Daniels and Anthony Hasings who offered their expertise in guitar, synth, sound engineering, and production for “Twelve.” He said they also worked with three local contributors: Kierre Childers, Jeff Dumps, and Mara Parks.

Marty said the theme of the album comes from the twelve months of the year and embarks on an emotional and reflective journey, with a song for each month, starting with November.

“It felt really honest,” Daniels said. “This was a really fun one.”

The pandemic postponed the process, according to Daniels. He said they wore masks while they worked through the songs and eventually recorded it May over the course of just two days. He said they worked all night on it, winding up keeping most of the tracks.

“There’s something to be said for that high pressure situation,” Daniels said.

Marty said it feels like all their efforts have been worth it.

“For me it kind of adds a fun challenge to the creative process almost,” Marty said.

Marty and Daniels both grew up in the Valley. Both started writing music as teens. They started working together last year after a previous project.

“For me it’s always been processing emotion and life,” Marty said. “For a lot of years it was a meditative experience.”

Daniels said that eventually, making music evolved for him over time.

“I almost started seeing it as little movies you could see,” Daniels said.

The album “Twelve” is currently available on iTune and Band Camp. Marty said it will be available on other platforms soon.

“I’ve already started writing the second album. It’s gonna be a totally different thing,” Marty said.

Marty said the sound of “Twelve” is a blend of synth and electronic sounds with folksy guitar riffs.

“I would just challenge people to listen to it and make their accusations or whatever,” Marty said with a laugh.

Marty said Wax & Rosewood probably won’t play live this year, but they’ve talked about holding an Instagram livestream concert.

Daniels’ and Hastings’ band 300-21 is currently working on a new album soon to be released. Daniels said they’re also working on a video for a live streamed concert due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Marty said that local artists have been finding alternative ways to keep the rhythm going. He said it’s an especially important time to support local acts by purchasing their albums, and viewing their shows.

“I think it’s definitely forced people to be more creative,” Marty said. “I’ve always been shocked by the amount of talent out here.”

For more information, visit the Wax & Rosewood Facebook page.

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