Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs has moved to the old home of Blockbuster in Wasilla.

WASILLA — Batteries Plus Bulbs opened the doors to its new location on March 3, occupying half of the space left behind when Blockbuster closed theirs for good. Batteries Plus Bulbs Regional Manager Amanda Davis said she’s eager to usher in a new era with more eyes on the store than ever before.

“We grew out of our little spot over there and we’re much bigger,” Davis said.

Davis said that about 12 employees from Wasilla as well as Anchorage worked all weekend to get the new location up and running. Davis said moving from the original location off Knik-Goose Bay Road was the next step to accommodate the store’s growth.

Despite taking just half of the former Blockbuster space, the new location doubles its previous size, according to Davis. She said that it’s been several months in the works to find and move locations. She said that she drove past the gutted Blockbuster one night and was surprised it was still vacant.

“I just looked as I was driving home one day and I was like, oh my gosh, why is Blockbuster not taken over? That’s what I thought, how come nobody wants that spot?’” Davis said.

The old home of Blockbuster was split into two units and they moved into the space on the left. The remaining half remains dormant, waiting for the next business to occupy it. Store manager Jaden Sears appeared to have high hopes for their new location.

“I think honestly, this is the perfect spot,” Sears said.

Davis said the new location is ideal because it will increase their exposure and ease of access, which in turn will hike their overall traffic.

“We get way more exposure here. We are almost tripling our traffic count so we’re super excited to grow in the Wasilla area,” Davis said.

Sears busily attended to the acclimation, tired from the move and tired thinking about the next month. He said that he was happy they moved and he will be happier once everything’s settled in.

“I’ll feel a little better when it’s all put away,” Sears said with a laugh.

Davis said that since Batteries Plus is a franchise, they could not be closed for even one day so they had to hustle when it came time to relocate. She said the store’s been in Wasilla for 11 years and this is the first move. She said doubling in space allowed them to double their registers, going from two to four. She anticipates shorter wait times.

Davis said that they’ve also increased their overall inventory. She is hopeful the new location will help the public learn about their additional services beyond batteries and bulbs. They offer onsite cell repair services and they also make keys, including electronic fobs.

“With the new summer coming up, all the summer toys are gonna’ need those batteries. So we’re stocked up on those too. We have more than we’ve ever had,” Davis said.

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