WASILLA — Dave and Judy Snyder have been running Diversified Tire for 25 years. They’ve built a legacy around above and beyond customer service and high staff satisfaction.

“We always strive to do the right thing,” Judy said.

Looking back on the last 25 years, Dave and Judy both expressed gratitude for being able to build a life out of the tire shop, growing along with the booming Mat-Su Valley.

“I think we have to give credit to our community. We owe the success of our business to the people who do business with us,” Dave said.

The Snyders raised their children out of the shop — literally. Judy said that up until recently, both of their children worked at the shop. She said they started helping out around the shop with their own time cards around the age of 5.

Judy said their son Logan and daughter Bonnie both left the shop to pursue their passions. Bonnie is pursuing her medical degree and Logan is working as a commercial fisherman and hunting guide. She said it’s bittersweet to see them leave the shop since they both were experts in the tire business but she’s happy to see them flourish.

“They both work really hard. We’re proud of them,” Judy said.

Vanessa Debach is the business manager at Diversified Tire. She’s worked with the Snyders for a total of nine-and-a-half years. She said all the great things about Diversified Tire stem from the Snyders’ caring nature.

“They’re just really giving people… They’re really good people,” Debach said.

Debach said that about half the current crew has been with the company for over five years.

“That says something,” Debach said.

Debach said the way employees are treated certainly was one of the main reasons for the retention. She said they’re the kind of people that give “second and third chances.”

“They take care of us,” Debach said.

Judy said they are always willing to be flexible with schedules if something important comes up, especially if it has to do with family.

“Family always comes first,” Judy said.

The Snyders are very community minded, according to Debach. She said they donate funds to local groups, nonprofits, ministries, treatment centers and school sport teams throughout the year. She said every local high school has at least one sport sponsored by Diversified.

“They get joy out of giving,” Debach said.

Debach said the Snyders like to keep their lot stocked full of tires of all shapes and sizes so they can keep up with the ‘diversified’ spectrum of tire needs in the community.

She said they average about 25 staff members at the shop.

“I love the crew I work with,” Debach said.

Most people know the Synders have a strong faith in God. Debach said they live a very Christian way of life and it shows through their business practices. More than just inspirational quotes around the shop, the Snyders consistently help out their employees and customers whenever they need a need they can fill.

Judy said they train their employees to be “on the lookout to share blessings” with customers in need.

She said that they expect a lot out of their employees when it comes to quality of work and dedication, but in return, they are treated very well. She said it’s been paying off these last 25 years.

“We’ve got some amazing folks on our team,” Judy said.

From free tires to pregnant mothers in a financial bind to providing meals to staff during the rush hours of tire changeover season, Debach said they’re always looking to say, “What can we do to make your day?”

“They try and show their faith through their work,” Debach said.

Judy said that each year, during tire changeover seasons, they hire a local chef, Michelle Munro, to cook homemade meals for the employees. Munro prepares the meals out of a “cook shack” in the back with a full-sized kitchen. The food is a huge hit amongst the ranks and works as an effective morale boost.

“She’s gotten a few marriage proposals just off her cooking,” Judy said with a laugh.

Mechanic Dale Olmstead reached his 23-year mark with the company. He said he started working with them at the original location off Hermon Road.

It didn’t take long for the Snyders to move to their current and permanent location off the Palmer-Wasilla Highway.

Olmstead is the longest-tenured employee at the shop. He said that he’s never worked at another shop and never plans to. He affirmed that the Snyders take great care of their employees, giving them plenty of reasons to stay.

“There’s things here you’ll never get from a corporate employer or really, any other employer,” Olmstead said. “This is the place to go.”

To learn more about Diversified Tire and the local groups they sponsor, visit diversifiedtire.com

Contact Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reporter Jacob Mann at jacob.mann@frontiersman.com

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