Misfit Consignments

Misfit Consignments is hosting a grand re-opening Saturday in Palmer.

PALMER — Nestled downtown off South Colony Way in Palmer, Misfit Consignments is coming on two years of business, poised for their grand re-opening Saturday.

First-time business owner Tamara Moffitt established the Misfits to offer the consignment store she wanted to see and the consignment store she wanted to support her daughters and their children for years to come.

“So I opened my store not only because I wanted a consignment store but I opened my store for my children. I want to be able to leave my children something that they can use to take care of themselves,” Tamara said.

Tamara runs Misfits with her daughters Jeanie, Jessie, Kassi and Maralyn. She was raised in Palmer and had her children there too. She said that she was a stay at home mother until her youngest turned 18. Then she got her business degree.

Tamara said that she’s spent years as an avid consigner. When the opportunity arose, she said that she and her daughters established the kind of store she wanted to shop from. She said that her consignment store is the only one in the Valley that offers email notifications to customers when their items are sold.

“We structured our consignment store the way we wanted it,” Tamara said.

The store officially opened Jan. 14, 2017. Tamara said that Jeanie ran the store during the first year while she was taking care of family. Jeanie is currently the store manager and Tamara stepped into the store last January. Jeanie said that running Misfits was her first time working in the customer service field.

“It was definitely a huge learning curve,” Jeanie said with a laugh.

Jeanie said that she learned a lot since she first started managing the store. She said that since then, the store has become more streamlined and organized. The Moffitts are big into consigning. Jeanie noted that consigning items is not only thrifty and fun but also helps the environment.

“It keeps clothing out of landfills,” Jeanie said.

Tamara said it took five years to prepare for the first grand opening. She said that she now has consigners from Willow to Anchorage and there has been a tremendous amount of support along the way.

Tamara said that they moved from their original location (which was right next door) on Dec. 26, 2018. She said that the grand re-opening is celebration of three things, their two year anniversary, the move from the original location and the return of a business partner The Boutique on Main (coming back from vacation).

Tamara said that Boutique on Main owner Denise Nelson sells various items out of Misfits, featuring an eclectic range of items like Selling leggings, essential oils, Copper River fleece coats, and Paparazzi Jewelry. Tamara likened to calling South Colony Way ‘Main Street’ since that road essentially is Palmer’s centralized, downtown strip.

“Being on Main Street [South Colony Way] is perfect,” Tamara said.

Tamara said that their location is ideal because so many people walk around Palmer to shop around especially during special times and events like Colony Christmas, Friday Flings and during the booming tourist season in the summer, with bus after bus stopping at the Palmer Museum of History & Art.

Kassi owns a company called Earth + Berries. She sells her handmade items out of the store. Her wares come from a variety of places and include items like dresses, drier balls, socks, bags, and jewelry. She said that she creates everything herself, using natural and repurposed materials. She also does custom orders.

“I try to make stuff I would like to buy,” Kassi said.

Kassi said that she also sells her items on Etsy but she paused her page so she can build up her inventory. She said that it’s nice having a physical location for people to buy her wares, especially for the older population, which does less online shopping. She said that she made a lot of sales during the holiday season.

“It helps my family,” Kassi said.

Tamara said that she strives to offer items for every kind of shopper. She said that she wants every customer to walk in feeling like they can walk out with something that matches their body and style.

Misfit carries sizes 00 to 5X. Jessie said that inclusion is at the core of their mission.

“It’s like a giant, walk-in closet for everybody… We want to include everybody. It’s important to include everybody,” Jessie said.

Tamara said that it was a group decision amongst herself and her daughters to come up with the store name. She said the name stems from a tag they’ve used on social media — Misfit Moffitts.

“We’re all definitely our own group of misfits,” Jessie said with a laugh.

They all explained this ‘Misfit’ philosophy comes from embracing what makes them different from everyone else, not concerned about fitting in and glorying being on the edge of the norm.

“We named it Misfit for a reason. We are the misfits So, if you’re a misfit, you fit in with us,” Tamara said with a laugh.

The grand re-opening on Saturday runs from 10 to 7 p.m. There will be sales, door busters, giveaways and grand prizes. Tamara said there will also be complementary refreshments available throughout the day. For more information, call 907- 745-2662.

Contact Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reporter Jacob Mann at jacob.mann@frontiersman.com


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