Jonathan Rockey

When I grew up in Gainesville, Florida, I had a friend, Tommy, whose grandfather had lived in Atlanta. Since Tommy and I knew each other in the 60’s and 70’s, I guess his grandpa lived in Atlanta around 1900, or earlier. Tommy once told me that his grandfather shared with him that he had a chance to buy stock in the Coca Cola Company in the very beginning, but did not think it was a safe investment. So Tommy’s grandpa turned down the opportunity. It seems his grandfather shared this truth with some regret. If he had known the truth of what the future held for Coca Cola, Tommy’s grandpa would surely have bought stock. But, he didn’t know and he missed out. Perhaps you’ve heard similar stories.

If you worship in a Christian congregation which uses the traditional church calendar, this past Sunday was the last Sunday of this past church year. This coming Sunday, the First Sunday in Advent, is first Sunday of the coming church year, sort of a New Year’s Day. The assigned Scripture readings for a 3 week period have focused on a topic which Jesus spoke about often, but a topic which is often ignored in our world today. This topic is His Second Coming, which we sometimes call Judgement Day.

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