Beth Wright

Recently I read about a woman fighting a long battle with cancer. People asked why she hadn’t lost her faith? She responded, “God is in the details.” What does that mean? My friend Irene Fry Hall wrote about God’s details in her family’s life that perfectly illustrates this.

Irene’s young son had planted nine pumpkin seeds this spring to sell this fall to earn some money. In July, his father’s employment changed, requiring the family to move before the pumpkin harvest. Miraculously, the pumpkins began turning orange two months early, and the week before moving, their son sold his last pumpkin. His mother writes, “How good the Lord is. He turns water to wine, gives sight to the blind, and ripens pumpkins early for a little boy.” God was definitely in the details for this young boy.

“God is in the details” means that God will give us help and moments of happiness along our life’s journey, even while he may not miraculously remove our obstacles. I always pray for the big miracle I need, knowing that if it is God’s will, he can provide it. But usually He sends me little miracles in my everyday life.

Some of the challenges we face in life include sickness, reverses in our financial situation, or the loss of loved ones to death. God can help us through these trials. He will be “in our details” if we invite him.

Inviting God into the details of our lives takes effort on our part. Coming to Him regularly in prayer, studying scripture daily, and giving service to others are ways we can keep God close.

The country of Paraguay experienced an economic recession in 2002. At that time, Whitney L. Clayton met with many local church leaders to find out what was needed from the global Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help the people. While almost every church member in Paraguay had many challenges, Clayton learned that the people who kept God close in their daily lives had found ways to solve their problems without assistance from the church. These members kept God close by regularly paying tithes, contributing monthly funds to help the needy, giving service in the church and community, and studying scripture and praying daily with their families.

Clayton explains why these people were able to take care of their many problems without additional help: “Their faithful living provided them the strength, vision, and heavenly help they needed in the economic turmoil that surrounded them. Those who strive to obey the commandments are blessed to find their way forward with peace and hope” (Ensign, April 2020). “God is in the details” when we are anchored to God. He gives us the miracle of guidance and peace. With God as our shepherd, we are given stability, power, and direction continuously.

Actor and professor Chris Clark learned five years ago that he had Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder. Since that point, he has steadily lost his ability to function. As he grappled with the disease, he says that he “could honestly say that he felt at peace…. God had a plan for him, and everything would be ok in the end. ‘I’m so reliant on my Heavenly Father,’ Chris says. ‘So many times I have been comforted, strengthened, or encouraged because of a brief prayer or silent plea for help. I have been blessed with peace and stillness, sometimes in the middle of the night. The comfort of God is a miracle” (Warnick, BYU Magazine, p. 42). God is in the details of Chris’s life.

My favorite food last winter was home-grown raspberry jam. For me it was filled with sunshine and rich flavor. Last summer, I weeded my raspberry bed for the first time. I inadvertently pulled all the new raspberry growth along with the similar-looking weeds. Because of that weeding mistake, this year’s harvest was weak. But God was in my details. He didn’t heal my raspberry bed. Instead He showed me where to find more.

This spring, my husband identified wild raspberries growing among the natural brush near the yard. I watched them through the summer and sure enough he was right. These wild raspberries provided the additional harvest I needed to make a little bit of my favorite raspberry jam. In this simple thing—my efforts at gardening—God was in my details. He didn’t miraculously re-grow my raspberry beds, but He showed me where to find the additional raspberries I wanted.

When God is in the details, we see his miracles woven into each day of our lives. During our trials, God will lead us through our obstacles with peace and guidance. Occasionally we experience grand miracles, but aren’t the daily blessings miracles too? May God be in the details of your life every day, in every season.

Beth Wright enjoys sunshine, smiles, raspberry jam and Alaskan rivers. She believes in Jesus Christ and finds great joy in being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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