Jonathan Rockey

Do you ever wonder “Where is God in my life?” Perhaps the storms of life are such that you are totally overwhelmed. But, you don’t see the hand nor the help of God, the Lord whom you trust. Perhaps life rolls on and on with nothing exciting happening, nor anything to give you joy, or hope. Yet, perhaps you have also been a Christian, a “person of Christ,” a believer, your whole life. “Why don’t I see God? Why don’t I feel His presence. Where IS the Lord in the ebb and flow of my daily life?”

Few know that this past Tuesday, August 2, was an anniversary in my life. Few if any who were present at the time are alive today. All present on that day have since passed on. But, having been born on May 10, 1953, I was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Easthampton, Massachusetts, on August 2, 1953. I don’t remember the event, but I do have pictures. My mom and dad were present, obviously. My dad’s brother, whom I knew as Uncle Sonny, was my god-father. My mom’s aunt, my Aunt Geri, served faithfully as long as she lived as my god-mother. Those are the outward signs of my baptism.

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