All information reported in the Police Beat is obtained from police department press releases. Defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.


December 31, AWT and WPD arrested 36-year-old Taylor Cork of Wasilla following a reported altercation on Quiet Circle in Wasilla. Cork was charged with DUI, Criminal Mischief (DV) and Assault 4 (DV) and taken to MSPT.

December 31 at 11:56 p.m., AST arrested 27-year-old Anickie Ivanov of Palmer following a traffic stop on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Ivanov had five active warrants and was taken to MSPT.

January 1 at 2:52 a.m., AST arrested 32-year-old Sam Esget of Palmer following a vehicle in the ditch near mile 6 of the Old Glenn Highway in Palmer. Esget was located on Constitution Drive and charged with DUI and taken to MSPT where he was released O/R.

January 1 at 9:32 p.m., AST arrested 42-year-old Diego Lightfoot of Wasilla on Pittman Road in Wasilla. Lightfoot was charged with two counts of Assault 3, MIW 3, three counts of Disorderly Conduct and misuse of plates and taken to MSPT without bail.

January 1 at 11:29 p.m., AST arrested 47-year-old John Denny of Palmer following an off road vehicle operating on a pedestrian pathway on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Denny was charged with DUI and released with a criminal citation.

January 2 at 2:17 a.m., AST charged 29-year-old Samantha Ivanoff of Anchorage following a disturbance near the Old Glenn Highway in Palmer. Ivanoff fled the scene and was charged with Assault 4 (DV) through the DAO.

January 2 at 3:00 a.m., AST arrested 26-year-old Caleb Medlock of Wasilla after a report of a male asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle on North Bull Moose Drive in Wasilla. Medlock was arrested for DUI and taken to MSPT where he was released O/R.

January 2 at 10:29 p.m., AST arrested 22-year-old Anthony Katulski of Palmer following a traffic stop for speeding on the Parks Highway in Wasilla. Katulski was charged with DUI and released with a criminal citation following DUI processing.

January 3 at 7:40 p.m., AST arrested 31-year-old Scott Payne of Palmer following a traffic stop at Three Bears. A search warrant was granted that resulted in the discovery of a firearm, methamphetamine and heroin and Payne was taken to MSPT on two counts of MICS 2, MIW 2 and MIW 3 without bail.


January 2, AWT and AST responded to an address near Destiny Circle in Wasilla for a report of a moose caught in a rope swing. The moose was so severely entangled that several different approaches were used to free the moose. After an hour and a half of work the moose left the property and neither the moose nor Troopers were injured. AWT would like to remind the public if a wild animal becomes entangled in large items such as tire swings, Christmas lights, garden hoses, fences, and items of the like; to please contact MATCOM Dispatch’s non-emergency line at (907) 352-5401 for Trooper response.

AST is requesting anyone with information about these incidents to contact Crime Stoppers at 745-3333, AST dispatch at 352-5401, WPD at 352-4501, or PPD at 745-4811.


AWT — Alaska Wildlife Troopers

DAO — District Attorney’s Office

DUI — Driving Under the Influence

DV — Domestic Violence

MICS — Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances

MIW — Misconduct Involving Weapons

MSPT — Mat-Su Pretrial

O/R — On Recognizance

WPD — Wasilla Police Department

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