WASILLA — Inmates housed at the Goose Creek Correctional Center had been looking forward to the annual Father’s Day event where they can spend time with their families. According to Department of Corrections Public Information Officer Sarah Gallagher, the event was cancelled due to unsafe behavior.

The Father’s Day event had previously been one of the most popular visitation opportunities for inmates. Those incarcerated citizens who met certain criterion were able to have extended visits with their immediate family members.

“Based upon misconduct at a recent Goose Creek Correctional Center visitors event — involving visitors, inmates and the introduction of contraband — the previously scheduled Father’s Day event has been canceled and all future GCCC visitor events have been placed on hold until further notice,” Gallagher wrote in an email.

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Gallagher said that the DOC’s first concern is safety and security of both inmates and staff, and that based upon the degree of the promotion of contraband, the decision was made to cancel the event scheduled on Father’s Day and ultimately temporarily suspend all future GCCC visitor events. The existing hours of visitation at GCCC have not been altered. The event had offered an opportunity for both un-sentenced and sentenced inmates participating in programming who had not received disciplinary infractions over the last three months, did not have sex offender charges or conditions that prohibit contact with minors.

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