Mat-Su Health Foundation is offering coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention and response grants to Mat-Su nonprofit organizations. The grants are designed to support local nonprofits as they address unplanned expenses and/or lost revenue relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of things that may be funded include:

• Support to build and develop pandemic education and prevention strategies for an organization’s staff and clients.

• Assistance in communicating with clients about service/outreach changes due to a heightened risk of exposure to Coronavirus.

• Funding for critical safety-net needs for the clients of nonprofits, including housing, transportation, medical care, childcare, and food security for those affected by disease, quarantine, or school/agency closures.

• Grants for psychosocial supports and mental health services for staff.

• Quarantine supplies for nonprofit residential programs.

• Unexpected work-from-home expenses, which could include establishing collaboration platforms and secure file sharing.

• Prevention-related expenses for items such as sanitizing supplies and equipment, or professional cleaning of common areas.

• Costs for offering services to a nonprofit’s clients in less risky ways to deliver services (for example, bringing pick-up or home-delivered meals rather than serving congregate meals, and offering virtual rather than in-person service delivery).

• Operating expenses associated with Coronavirus, such as lost revenue, continuity planning, or increased labor costs.

Grant funding is not available for the following:

• Reimbursement for any goods or services purchased or provided prior to March 12, 2020.

• Expenses without documentation or invoices.

• Any costs that insurance or state/federal emergency relief funds will cover or reimburse, unless delays will cause critical and/or ongoing program delays.

These special grants may be used to fund projected needs based on estimates or other documentation, and applications will receive expedited handling. Qualified applicants may request a grant of up to $50,000 by filling out a Target Wellness grant application online at Assistance securing a line of credit is also available.

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