Dan Mayfield

Dan Mayfield

BIG LAKE — Dan Mayfield announced his candidacy for Senate Seat D this weekend. Mayfield currently serves on the Mat-Su Borough Assembly representing District 5 and will run against incumbent David Wilson (R) for the seat. Wilson has represented Wasilla and Big Lake in the Senate since 2017.

“Let’s work towards workable solutions and carve out a bright future for our state and our district,” said Mayfield. “We need to think out of the box and we need to dream and dream about a prosperous economy and building our state and we need to make those dreams come true.”

Mayfield represents and lives in Big Lake where he has been an active member of the community since 2008. Mayfield served on the Big Lake Community Council as a board member and vice president and also served as the president of the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce. While Mayfield repeats the often uttered phrases of right sizing government and limiting state spending that Republican lawmakers often use, Mayfield will not be declaring a political party for his run against Wilson.

“I want to be free to make decisions based upon the experiences that I’ve had in the past, what the community needs are and not really be limited by strict party agenda. So I think it’s in the best interest of everybody that I run as a non affiliated candidate,” said Mayfield. “The work that we do in the legislature needs to reflect Alaska values not political party values.”

Mayfield worked for 33 years in the insurance industry handling departmental budgets, as well as his time on the Assembly for four years voting on the borough budget. The issues Mayfield is most focused on are senior care issues and pushing the Knik-Goose Bay Road expansion project as fast as possible. Mayfield and his wife Cathy care for her parents in their home and Mayfield says that they have been pioneering residents of the Big Lake Community.

“They’ve been contributing citizens their entire life and I just have hated to see what some of the recent budget cuts have done to their livelihood and I think that we definitely need to support our seniors. So that’s something that’s very important to me going forward,” said Mayfield.

Currently, 44 percent of the Valley’s population qualify as senior citizens. Among senior care issues and KGB expansion promotion, Mayfield will have a long campaign trail ahead of him. Opting to skip the party primaries, Mayfield will have to wait until November to find out if he has garnered the votes to surpass Wilson.

“I don’t believe that the incumbent is the best advocate for our district and he doesn’t stand for the moderate values that I believe in,” said Mayfield.

Along the campaign trail, Mayfield noted that he was given two ears to listen and but one mouth with which to speak. Mayfield made little predictions for the long 10-month campaign trail ahead of him, noting only that he will have many discussions with voters on state issues.

“On the Assembly, I’ve overseen and dealt with several budgets here. I think that I’ve been able to pull a rabbit out of the hat almost every year that I’ve been on the assembly as far as providing funding for projects that met at least my assembly districts needs as well as the needs of the borough overall, particularly in the areas of education, school bonds, and parks,” said Mayfield. “When we end up cutting budgets or adding to them we’ve got to do that with a plan as to what impacts that will have. Cutting budgets without full knowledge of what the impacts will be to our citizens and the future of our state is kind of at best haphazard so I want to approach our state finances with a plan and I want to make sure that it services all of our citizens.”

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