City of Palmer

PALMER — The Palmer City Council authorized the first marijuana retail facility within Palmer city limits at their regular council meeting on June 9.

Action Memorandum 21-038 provides a statement of non-objection from the city council on a license for Connoisseur Lounge LLC to operate at 226 West Evergreen Street in Palmer, across from City Hall. The Palmer City Council had passed regulations on marijuana cultivation and retail facilities in May and the motion passed the council unanimously.

The Council also scheduled a special meeting on June 22 to discuss the recruitment and hiring of a new city clerk, as current clerk Norma Alley tendered her resignation. Alley’s last day as Palmer’s Clerk will be on July 2.

The council voted to postpone Ordinance 21-008 after lengthy discussion about garbage pickup in the city of Palmer.

“The purpose of this ordinance is to clean up is intended,” said City Manager John Moosey. “Essentially we’re differentiating ourselves between city of Palmer residents and city of Palmer garbage service areas.”

Moosey provided his staff report and added suggested amendments that would include “exception given to city residents and businesses outside city garbage service area” and proposed that the included language be added to three sections of the ordinance.

After lengthy discussion on the ordinance, 21-008 was postponed until the June 22 meeting of the council.

“I thought that the language that had ‘with exception given to city residents outside the city’s service areas’ was unclear to me what the exception given would be, at least hearing it. So what I had suggested was adding anew sentence that declaratively states that ‘city refuse containers shall not be provided to city residents receiving garbage service or refuse service outside of the city service area,’ that way we clearly don’t encroach upon the service area of another entity or give away city assets to a service area that we don’t control,” said City Attorney Michael Gatti.

The vote to postpone OR 21-008 passed unanimously.

“We do have residents within our city who are not in our city garbage service are so when you refer to city residents, we did not want to provide their receptacles to those inside our city but not using our garbage service area so that’s why it’s an exception.”

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