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Ryan Miller is the second candidate to drop out of the race for the Mat-Su Borough Assembly District 1 seat.

MAT-SU — Ryan Miller has dropped out of the race for Mat-Su Borough Assembly District 1. Originally, four candidates had filed to run for the seat. Ryan Miller and Bruce Bush have both dropped out of the race, while Brian Endle and Tim Hale remain.

The names of both Miller and Bush will appear on the official ballot Nov. 5.

In an email, Miller said that he had officially dropped out of the race for assembly on Oct. 24.

“I think it is important to ensure District 1 gains more conservative representation. With Endle gaining the support of the governor, I must also respect my party affiliations and consolidate support behind the favored candidate. I have learned a great deal about seeking office and look forward to serving our great residents,” Miller wrote.

Miller gave his full support to Endle, who also received support from Bush. Bush decided to drop out a few weeks after the deadline to get his name off of the ballot to avoid spending money on campaigning against Endle, Hale and Miller for Jim Sykes’ seat on the assembly.

“Honestly, I always felt like it would come down to me and Mr. Endle,” Hale said.

Hale said he was pleased to discuss issues with Miller and hoped to continue to see him involved in the local government process. Hale is running on a platform of a more engaged and responsive government and Endle has made a habit of introducing himself as “the true conservative candidate” at assembly meetings. District 1 on the assembly represents the Butte, Lazy Mountain and the Glenn Highway north of Palmer to the Eastern Denali Highway.

“I didn’t want to split the conservative vote,” Bush said.

Bush supports Endle’s ideas and said that he was a good man. Endle said that he spoke with Miller, who wants to be kept up to date on assembly issues dealing with the military. Endle agreed to present Miller’s concerns to the assembly, if elected.

“I expect to win,” Endle said.

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