David Eastman

MAT-SU — Despite being reprimanded by the body he was elected to multiple times, Valley voters proved on Tuesday that they are happy with the job David Eastman is doing in the House.

Eastman won his bid for re-election by a sizable margin over his two challengers, Democratic nominee Patricia Faye-Brazel, and Republican petition candidate and former Mat-Su Borough Deputy Mayor Doyle Holmes. Eastman felt confident about his chances of winning when no one challenged him in the Republican Primary in August in a staunchly conservative district.

“Neither of my two other opponents were interested in running in the Republican primary in a steadfastly Republican district. They did not feel comfortable doing so and I felt very comfortable doing so,” Eastman said in an interview with Frontiersman editorial staff in October.

Eastman received 57.77 percent of the total vote with 4,097 cast for the current District 10 Representative. Faye-Brazel came in second with 21.11 percent of the votes, totaling 1,497. Holmes was narrowly edged out for second place by Faye-Brazel. Holmes received 1,482 of the votes for 20.90 percent of the ballot.

Faye-Brazel won the Democratic nomination in a primary win over Neal Lacy in August, which the Frontiersman omitted from election coverage by mistake.

Eastman has a propensity to vote for what he feels is right, even if that means being the only voter in the body to vote the way he does. Eastman said that the Democratic leadership that took over the House is to blame for poor legislation.

“The last two years, we’ve had democratic leadership in the House of Representatives. They have put forward some truly terrible policy proposals. They’re not proposals I could get on board with,” Eastman said.

Despite receiving a censure from the House and being removed from the ethics committee, which Eastman argues was a result of other members of the committee attempting to influence the outcome of certain election races, the voters of District 10 proved that they are behind Eastman’s representation.

Eastman has been a strong supporter of repealing SB91, which is why he initially ran for the House in the first place.

“We need to listen to people. We need to hear what they’re saying and they’re experiencing and we need to act on that,” Eastman said.


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