WASILLA — Law Enforcement Officials responded to two separate bomb threats in Wasilla on Friday. The Wasilla Police Department was informed of a bomb threat made over the phone to the Office of Children’s Services in the Carr’s Plaza at 10:12 a.m., on Friday. That incident was separate to a warrant service at 11:08 a.m., at a residence in Wasilla that Alaska State Troopers responded to.

“The one that happened at Carrs was a bomb threat called into OCS and we swept the building and there wasn’t anything there and they’re working on figuring out who that was,” said WPD Public Information Officer Amanda Graham. “They were working with the FBI.”

The bomb threat called into OCS is being handled by WPD Investigator Bennett. Anyone with information regarding this event is encouraged to contact Bennett at 352-5412.

AST arrived at a Wasilla residence to assist Palmer Pre-Trial Enforcement Officers for an arrest of 37-year-old Mallory Bloomquist. Bloomquist stated that she had a bomb to PED officers and later told Troopers that she would set the home on fire upon Trooper arrival.

“Moments later AST was able to gain access to the house and Mallory exited the residence. Before Mallory exited the house, Mallory set the house on fire. The house was ultimately a loss,” reads the Trooper dispatch.

Bloomquist was arrested and in addition to the warrant, charged with criminal mischief in the first degree (domestic violence), arson in the first degree (DV), arson in the second degree (DV), and terroristic threatening in the second degree and taken to Mat-Su Pretrial.

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