Mat-Su Borough School District Superintendent Dr. Randy Trani

Mat-Su Borough School District Superintendent Dr. Randy Trani

MAT-SU — Trends that began on the popular video-sharing social media platform Tik Tok have made their way into local Mat-Su Borough School District Schools, prompting disciplinary action in some cases. The trend dubbed “devious licks” that encouraged students to partake in theft or vandalism of their school property began in August and has been dealt with by local school administrators, according to MSBSD Superintendent Dr. Randy Trani.

“We have had issues in our buildings. It’s been low level, administration, principals, assistant principals I think have done a pretty good job of getting on the problem as quickly as you can. Of course they’re trying to do it in anonymity, right and then just working with parents and I guess that’s my plea, like we are going to look out for kids as much as we can. We’re going to try to and we want to partner with parents because they really can run into dangerous stuff on the internet,” said Trani.

Trani said that the trend has not manifested in theft as often as it has inspired vandalism of local schools, but expressed his concern for the safety of students. More recently, a trend has begun on Tik Tok that involves lighting hand sanitizer on fire. The trend was addressed in a Facebook post by Palmer Fire and Rescue.

“The members of Palmer Fire & Rescue would like to communicate the hazards of online challenges. There are numerous online challenges that potentially have bad outcomes. Despite attempts at mitigation, catastrophic results are possible. On television, you often hear, “don’t try this at home”. This is because most often, professional stuntmen and stuntwomen conducting the stunt or “challenge” are trained, have conducted plenty of research and have plans and professionals in place in the event something goes wrong. Do not do a challenge that could affect your health or that of someone else. If you want to know more about the repercussions of a particular challenge, ASK QUESTIONS FIRST!!! Ask professions in that area. A bad decision happens in a moment and can have life-altering or life-ending repercussions,” reads the post.

Trani said that he had no knowledge of any MSBSD students having been burned by attempting the trend, but expressed his desire to keep students safe at school and at home.

“We are trying to like, you jump on it immediately and hard so the kids get the message, like no this is like zero tolerance for that and then administrators are very good at understanding the demographic that they are working with,” said Trani. “Administrators understand that I need to hold the kid accountable, but it’s also a teaching moment to make them think into the future more.”

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