MyHouse was able to raise nearly $30,000 during their eighth annual Radiothon with their partner KMBQ 99.7 Valley Radio Nov. 13.

WASILLA — MyHouse was able to raise nearly $30,000 during their eighth annual Radiothon with their partner KMBQ 99.7 Valley Radio Nov. 13.

“I think it was a good year for hope. I think it was a good time for people to hear stories of success and encouragement,” MyHouse founder and Executive Director Michelle Overstreet said.

According to Overstreet, they had about 25 different guests ranging from Gov. Mike Dunleavy and the state health and social services commissioner Adam Crum to local healthcare providers and those overcoming addiction and homelessness.

She said this full gambit of voices raised awareness for MyHouse and their ever growing cause, which was far more important than the money raised. Each interview was held via Zoom to maintain social distance.

“The beautiful part about it was the amount of people who participated,” Overtsreet said. “It really does work… It’s really about the community engagement and sharing hope.”

Overstreet noted that KMBQ’s Eddie Maxwell invested his entire day into the event over the course of 12 hours.

“That’s amazing to me. That’s above and beyond,” Overstreet said.

A spectrum of young voices who overcame challenges like substance abuse and abusive homes and suicidal ideation were on full display throughout the day, according to Overstreet. She said there were numerous, longtime MyHouse clients, staff, and volunteers represented.

“It’s just so encouraging to have youth that are strong and proud and ready to tell their stories,” Overstreet said. “They’re just overcomers… The goal is really to help every youth find their journey... and reach their goals, whatever those are.”

MyHouse Vice Chairman Michael Carson said this annual fundraiser helps their organization provide an array of wrap around services, including food, clothing, housing, and employment assistance.

”Ultimately the goal is for them to become self sufficient… They’ve got to have skin in the game. There’s no free passes,” Carson said. “The kids, they’re worth it.”

The next big event with MyHouse is a candle lit vigil set for Nov. 28 at the Palmer Depot to Raise light up with night, raising awareness for homelessness youth struggling in cold dark winters. Their partner, Country Cutts, is providing fireworks for the event.

For more information about MyHouse or to make a donation, call 907-373-4357 or visit

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