Palmer City Council

Brian Daniels, the most recent addition to the Palmer City Council, took the oath of office Monday. 

PALMER — Following the results of the elections in Palmer for city council, newly elected council member Brian Daniels took the oath of office for the first time as he was sworn in at the special meeting on Monday. The council voted unanimously to certify the election, and Sabrena Combs was named Deputy Mayor.

“It felt really surreal but I was also just extremely excited and to sit with people who have just done such a good job for Palmer for so long. It was very exciting,” said Daniels. “I absolutely love Palmer and the way I feel walking away from this meeting tonight is it’s time to get to work, buckle down, do my homework and make sure that I’m prepared to have the long term vision that drove me to campaign in the first place.”

Combs received the most votes of any of the three candidates vying for the two available seats with 419. Daniels narrowly defeated former Deputy Mayor Linda Combs with 385 votes. After certification of the election results, the council restructured with a new deputy mayor, and Alternate Deputy Mayor Councilwoman Jill Valerius nominated Sabrena Combs for Deputy Mayor and Julie Berberich for Alternate Deputy Mayor. Councilman Richard Best nominated Steve Carrington for Deputy Mayor and Combs won 4-3 over Carrington. Berberich, Combs, Daniels and Valerius voted for Combs and Best, Carrington and Mayor Edna DeVries voted for Carrington. With four votes for Berberich to serve as alternate deputy mayor, no other nominations were offered.

“I would just like to thank the citizens of Palmer for trusting me to run another term. I love sitting on this council and hope to do more work in the next three years,” said Sabrena Combs.

Sabrena Combs and Best attended the meeting virtually while Berberich, Carrington, DeVries, Daniels, Valerius and former Deputy Mayor Linda Combs attended in person. There were more than a dozen people in attendance for the certification of the election.

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