Linda Combs

Palmer Deputy Mayor Linda Combs was congratulated for her service on the Palmer City Council Monday. 

PALMER — Palmer Deputy Mayor Linda Combs left her last Palmer City Council meeting with one definitive statement, that Palmer is “Alaska, at its best.”

After coming 13 votes short of reelection, Combs’ long and storied career on the council came to an end on Monday as the beginning of Brian Daniels’ tenure on the council began. Each member of the council thanked Combs for her years of service on the council as well as members of the public and Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ailis Vann. Combs served nearly nine years on the council in total and has been dedicated to providing a voice to the senior population of Palmer.

“Well I’ll miss the phone calls and being able to help people by either pointing them to the right person to talk to etc., and sometimes I won’t miss that,” said Combs. “We need to realize we’ve got that base. It’s not so much a struggle to look for new, let’s keep the base really strong. Let’s keep that foundation strong and so which is all that I ever was after was keeping the infrastructure strong.”

Combs’ husband John served as Palmer’s mayor from 2004 to 2010 and she helped create the Golden Heart Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the council for outstanding service. After helping create the award with Councilman Richard Best, Combs was the recipient of the Golden Heart award in 2018.

“I’d just like to thank Councilwoman Linda Combs for her dedication to our community. She has been on numerous boards and participated in so much within our community and on with the city. I look forward to her many other activities that she’s going to participate in and be involved in boards and community efforts and what not. I do not see this as a goodbye as it will be till next time. She often hears the calling from her heart for the city and the folks that live within our community and she has helped guide us up to this point,” said Best.

Even after the election results did not end up in Combs’ favor after the Canvass Board tallied votes on Friday, she was still in awe of the process and continues to educated citizens on how to get involved.

“It is so exciting to me to watch our community. Our community has progressed so much in the last 35 years that I’ve been here that it is exciting to me, but what is truly just had me jumping up and down basically was the election process this year, not perfect, never will be. That’s okay, nothings perfect but I was so excited to see how many improvements there were, how much education there was out there,” said Combs. “All those years ago I want to say about 12 maybe now that we were able to name and trademark Alaska at it’s best, for so many of us at this dias, in this room, on that wall and others it’s just imprinted in our hearts and there cannot be a greater joy for anyone.”

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