Gov. Mike Dunleavy


The petition to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy has been denied.

“My recommendation is that you decline to certify the application for recall of Governor Dunleavy because the statement of grounds is neither factually nor legally sufficient and therefore not substantially in the form required by AS 15.45.550(1),” Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson wrote in a statement addressed to Alaska Director of Elections Gail Fenumiai Monday.

Clarkson opened the 25-page document submitted to Fenumiai with his summary of opinion.

“The application compiles with the technical requirements of the recall statues. The timely filed application names an elected official subject to recall and is accompanied by the required payment. But because the statement of grounds for recalls fails to satisfy the legal standards required for a recall, we recommend that certification of the application be denied,” Clarkson wrote.

Dunleavy’s office also issued a statement Monday afternoon.

“Today’s opinion by the Attorney General appears to be well reasoned. As I have always said, the allegations by the recall group are not legitimate reasons to overturn the outcome of the statewide election held barely a year ago,” Dunleavy said in the statement. “My administration will continue governing the state as we have since the election in a manner that is consistent with the fundamentals of good government. My priorities continue to be making Alaska safer for all Alaskans, growing the economy and enacting a solution to the state’s budget deficit.”

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