Election Day

MAT- SU — Local municipal elections were held on Tuesday as voters flocked to the polls to vote in elections in the cities of Houston, Palmer and Wasilla.

Houston had two available council seats with two candidates running unopposed. Wasilla’s election features two council seats and a three-way race for mayor. Palmer’s ballot had four separate ballot propositions as well as three candidates running for the two open council seats. Canvass Boards for each city will begin meeting this week to count ballots, including early voting ballots, absentee by mail ballots, special needs ballots and personal representative ballots. The ballots that were not cast at the polls on Tuesday will not be included in the vote counts until the Canvass Boards finish their work Friday.


Mayor Virgie Thompson won her bid for reelection on council seat A with 41 votes. There were seven write-in ballots cast for council seat A. Council seat B was won by first-time candidate Sandra Porter, who received 47 votes. Three write-in votes were cast in the race for council seat B.


Doug Holler is currently leading the race for Wasilla mayor as of 9 p.m. on election night. Holler received 154 poll votes, accounting for 41.4 percent of the ballots cast on Tuesday. Deputy Mayor Glenda Ledford received 126 votes accounting for 33.9 percent of ballots and Councilman Stu Graham received 90 votes accounting for 24.2 percent of the ballots cast at the polls on election day.

In the race for council seat C, Tim Johnson received 270 votes. Johnson ran for council seat C unopposed and his 270 votes account for 93.8 percent of the ballots cast for council seat C with 18 write-in ballots cast.

Simon Brown II holds a slim lead over Jo Lynn Bozer in the race for council seat D. Brown received 170 votes at the polls on Tuesday, accounting for 53.1 percent of all ballots cast in the race for council seat D while Bozer received 138 votes, accounting for 43.1 percent. There were 12 write-in ballots cast for council seat C.


City of Palmer results were posted at 9:45 p.m. with three candidates running for two available council seats. Currently, Deputy Mayor Linda Combs and Councilwoman Sabrena Combs hold a lead over first-time candidate Brian Daniels. Linda Combs received 178 votes accounting for 22.17 percent and Sabrena Combs received 147 votes accounting for 18.31 percent. Daniels received 136 votes and 11 write-in ballots were cast in the election for Palmer City Council. 

Proposition 1, which would repeal the city’s ban on marijuana cultivation and retail facilities is currently failing with 166 no votes and 142 yes votes. Proposition 2, which would allow the city to collect up to $1,000 in fines as opposed to the current limit of $300 is currently passing with 157 yes votes and 146 no votes. Proposition 3, which would establish term limits for the council is currently passing with 245 yes votes and only 61 no votes. Proposition 4, which provided for a bond not to exceed $8 million for the wastewater treatment plant is also currently passing by a wide margin with 222 yes votes and 81 no votes. 

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