PALMER— Fly Around Alaska co-owner, Don Hammond recently participated in a question and answer interview to discuss the massive amount of damage done to their aircraft and other equipment at the Palmer Municipal Airport.

How much damage did you have over at the airport?

“We had a lot. There were damages including destroyed airplanes worth well over a million dollars, maybe even higher. A lot of personal loss there. We lost our flightseeing aircraft. It’s destroyed It’s basically put our flightseeing business out of business. Thank goodness we still have a flight school to rely on.”

What’s the plan from here?

“It is what it is. We just have to figure out what our next move is. It’s probably going to be trying to sell the parts and pieces and get as much money out of ‘em as we can. We’re basically in damage recovery mode.”

What did locals do to help during this difficult time?

The people in the community came together. We put a Facebook post out to get [people that had large vehicles to park in front of airplanes to prospect all these aircraft from being destroyed and they did. It’s incredible.

How do you feel about having so much support from the community?

“I think it’s amazing. We had probably 20 vehicles on our property there. I had no idea who they belonged to. They just showed up… They were just perfect strangers. All these people said, ‘we’re here to help.’ I went on and thanked the people of Palmer. How can you be anything but thankful?”

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