WASILLA — Royal Alaskan Honey is hosting a beginners beekeeping class at the Valley Board of Realtors Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The class covers a range of topics ranging from wintering bees to establishing a queen for the hive, serving as a crash course introduction to inspire those interested or offer helpful tips for new beekeepers.

“So the class is going to be covering pretty much everything that the beekeeper is going to need to worry about for the year,” Royal Alaskan Honey owner Alex King said. “I’ve got a lot of new beekeepers, this is their first or second year with bees and they’re just like, ‘I want to do it right.’ I’ll show you what I do and if it works pretty well and if you want to tweak it, that’s fine.”

So far, just under 30 people have signed up for this Saturday’s class. King said there’s still room for anyone interested in taking the class. He said that he just started teaching beekeeping classes this year, and this coming class will be his second time at the podium. He said there’s already been a lot of initial interest circulating around the Valley.

“It’s def encouraging... I think this class is going to be very beneficial for a lot of new beekeepers this year because we’re gonna have a very late spring. So, the bees are gonna need all the help they can get,” King said. “One thing I’d like people to know is just how important they are to our ecosystem. Two-thirds of what we eat in the stores is from bees in some aspect, usually because of pollination. Without them, it would be hard to live and survive.”

King said that he’s been honing his craft as a beekeeper for the last 14 years. He said that he established Royal Alaskan Honey over 5 years ago, selling honey and other fruits of his labor at events like Friday Flings. He’s since branched out to selling packaged bees and equipment to local beekeepers on top of his honey sales at locals stores and through online orders.

“I’m just trying to be an all-around local source for beekeeping supplies and knowledge,” King said.

This Saturday’s beekeeping class will be held inside the Valley Board of Realtors, located at 741 East Susitna Avenue in downtown Wasilla. For more information or to sign up for the class, visit royalalaskanhoney.com.

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This Saturday’s beekeeping class will cover:

•Necessary equipment for beekeeping and how to obtain them.

•Strains of honey bees and their pros/cons.

•Preparing your hive for bees.

•How to hive your package/installing a nuc.

•Running double queen hives.

•Swarming; what is it, why I don’t like it, and how to prevent it.

•Beekeeper’s Calender; checking your hives throughout the summer.

•Harvesting and extracting honey. How much will I get?

•Preparing for Fall/Winter.

•Storing equipment.

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